Return of the No Fun League?

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The Destin Log

Matt’s Take:

Everyone hide your wife and kids, Roger Goodell is in one of his moods again, and this time he is taking steps to ensure the NFL quickly becomes the No Fun League.

If you have a pulse and you watch football, you’ve probably seen the commissioner’s latest misguided attempt to take the “individual” out of the game.

Goodell has decided that players are no longer allowed to dunk the football over the goal posts after scoring a touchdown. Please, reread that sentence ­— I assure you, it’s as asinine as it sounded the first time.

So let’s think about it. A player is not allowed to “dunk” the football, pretend to use a movie camera, eat fake popcorn, or sign a football with a concealed sharpie and throw it to a fan.

So, exactly what are players allowed to do to celebrate a touchdown? Maybe we can ask the commish for his list of preapproved celebrations.

I understand you don’t want players to go haywire, but let the guys have some fun. Think about it, how revved up would you get if your favorite player scores the game-winning touchdown only to hand the ball to the referee with no excitement or exuberance.

Sounds boring, huh? Well, it is. The NFL is about excitement and fun, not boredom.  If you wanted to watch something boring, go flip on a NASCAR race and watch a car drive in a circle for two hours.

I’m sure this is only the beginning, so I can only imagine what’s next? No more “good game” pats? No tackling a player while he’s not looking at you? Only two-hand touch on quarterbacks?

You see where I’m going with this.

Thanks, Roger. I’m going to catch a game of Chess; I’m sure there’s some hard-hitting pawn action.

Andrew’s Take:

What if the NBA penalized dunking? Stupid right?

The more entertaining the game, the higher the attendance. More money for everyone!

Well the NFL has done it. And I cannot, for the life me, figure out why.

I understand that a dunk in basketball happens during the play, and in football it’s after the play. But don’t let the NFL convince you that this decision was made to secure the integrity of the game. Roger Goodell is flexing his muscle.

If you’re reading this, I assume you watch football. Quick, think of one player dunking a pigskin over the cross-bar. Who comes to mind?

Jimmy Graham.

He’s the best tight end in the game, by far. And as a former collegiate basketball player, Graham pays homage to his former sport with a post-touchdown dunk.

Also, this guys scores a lot. That’s why, during this offseason, Graham has challenged the way that tight ends are compensated.

Now, that’s another topic for another day. But, basically, Graham’s unique skill set proved the League wrong.

Is a Hunger Games reference too nerdy? Nope.

Katniss Everdeen (Graham) has revealed that the laws of Panem (NFL) are wrong. And now, President Coriolanus Snow (Goodell) is punishing the fan favorite.

Don’t worry; NFL fans aren’t headed towards revolt.

This is what success does. It breeds arrogance. The NFL is so far out in front of every other professional sport, as far as revenue goes, that the administrators believe they can do no wrong.

But they can do wrong. This is wrong. And just because a flag will be thrown every time a celebrating player tosses one over the 10-foot-high, horizontal post does not mean that the League will suffer.

But more pointless decisions, just like this one are going to be made. The success of the NFL is in jeopardy.

Now, time to watch Catching Fire.