Oar House Seafood Shack slips by Sago


Cody Robinson scored two touchdowns to lead Oar House Seafood Shack in a 19-7 win over Sago in the Adult Flag Football League at Morgan Sports Center.

Robinson scored a touchdown in each half of play.

At halftime, Oar House was up 13-0.

Robinson and Quentin Lott each scored a touchdown for Oar House, and Jamar Cannon picked up a one-point conversion.

In the second half, Robinson added one more TD.

Scoring for Sago were Quen Ware with a touchdown and Stephen Heidelbeny with the point after.

• Nightown 14, Master's Touch 12

Master's Touch led 12-7 at the half. Landon Teer and Justin Beique each scored a touchdown for Master's.

Rocco Wisneski scored a TD for Nightown and Woody Woodard added a one-point conversion in the first half.

Nightown pulled off the win in the second half with a touchdown by Steve Temple followed by a conversion by A.J. Dalhman.

• TBS Comics 19, Hot Head Burritos 0

Ed Nehrings and Ben Tran each scored a touchdown for TBS in the first half, and Hayden Meyers added a conversion.

In the second half, Richard Moller tacked on one more touchdown for TBS.

• 33, Sago 13

At the half, led 19-13.

Kyle Rogers, Patrick Riley and Mitchell Landis each scored a touchdown and a 1-point conversion for, while Corey Gerdeman and Grant Wright each scored a TD.

Tyrone Maloy and Dwayne Pittman each scored six points for Sago, and Stephen Heidelbeny added a one-point conversion.

• Sign Chick Signs 27, Sandestin Beach Services 19

Sign Chick led by seven points at the half.

Jon Middleton scored a touchdown and two one-point conversions for Sign Chick. Johnathan Winters scored a touchdown and a conversion, while Chris Carr and Burt Read each a touchdown.

Adam Altones led Sandestin with a touchdown and a conversion. Will Rasrick and Phil Hoffman each crossed for a TD.

• Oar House Seafood Shack 20, Hot Head Burritos 12

At the half, Oar House led by one point.

Scoring for Oar House were Jamar Cannon, Quentin Lott, Cody Robinson and James Dorsla.

Joseph Hopkin and J. Bias each scored a touchdown for Hot Head.

• 41, Aztecs 18 led 21-12 at the half.

Kyle Rogers scored two touchdowns and a conversion for Grant Wright scored a TD and two conversions. Corey Gerdeman, Patrick Riley each scored a touchdown and conversion, and Mitchell Landis a TD.

Shamar Johnson, Tristen Jefferson and Darius Lamar each scored a touchdown for Aztecs.

• Sign Chick Signs 21, Chargers 6

Sign Chick led 14-0 at the half.

Johnathon Winters, Jon Middleton each scored seven points for Sign Chick, while Chris Carr scored a touchdown and Josh Chermock a conversion.

Reece Trainor scored the lone touchdown for the Chargers in the second half.

• Sandestin Beach Services 19, Gateway Academy 14

Gateway led 7-6 at the half.

Adam Altones, Corey Neal and Will Rasrick each scored a touchdown for Sandestin and Phil Hoffman picked up a one-point conversion.

Robert Gaugliardo and Victor Vaggalis each scored a touchdown for Gateway. Bryan Anderson and Destin Holland each added a one-point conversion.