A giant, misogynistic leap backward

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Matt’s Take:

Two games. Two lousy games.

That’s the punishment handed down to Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for beating up his wife. Did I mention that he dragged her unconscious body out of a casino elevator?

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell must be on drugs, which I mind you would warrant a four-game ban at minimum.

Two games. How is this even justifiable? Did I miss something? Did we just digress 50 years as a society?

What this tells me is that the NFL’s suspension policy is undeniably broken. Obviously the league is more concerned with recreational marijuana use than it is with domestic violence.

Look at the case of Cleveland Browns wideout Josh Gordon. He’s facing a year-long suspension due to multiple positive drug tests. So, yeah, he likes to smoke pot, but he’s not physically harming another human.

In Rice’s case, he’s done exactly that. I wish I could understand how Goodell rationalizes this abomination.

Basically what the NFL is telling us is that they don’t care about domestic violence, they don’t care about the female demographic, and that they don’t care about women at all.

This is a bad precedent for the league to be setting. The usually tough-fisted Goodell has really botched this one and I think everyone sees it but him.

Unfortunately there is no way to make this situation right. Goodell and the NFL have a giant black eye on their face.

Way to alienate an entire portion of your fan base.

There is no way that Rice should be playing this season, and that’s that. No if, ands or buts about it.

Andrew’s Take:

Did Roger Goodell pass his hammer to Adam Silver?

Silver made the right decision in the Donald Sterling case, and we thought Goodell showed him the way. We thought the commissioner of the National Football League did the right thing. Turns out he’s just your typical, middle-aged American male, with messed up priorities.

What happened to setting a precedent?

Everyone in the NBA knows that racism will not be tolerated. And now, everyone in the NFL knows that spousal abuse will be met with little resistance.

If you’ve seen the video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, dragging his unconscious fiancé from an elevator in an Atlantic City, NJ casino, then you’re a bit upset.

And if you’re not disturbed by the footage, then you don’t have an understanding of “right and wrong.”

We all know that actions speak louder than words. I’m not comparing these two issues, or their severity, but Sterling was kicked out of the NBA, for life, for using particular words. Rice, was suspended for two weeks, for punching his wife.

If you’re like me (logical), you’ve realized this math is flawed. I literally cannot think of one way in which Rice’s ban is justified.

Even if I take the shallow approach to this subject, Goodell still made the wrong decision. 45 perfect of the NFL’s viewership in female, and now the League will lose portion of that demographic.

Or we can take the human approach.

Walk away, dude.

I understand; women can be difficult. They try to say the most miserable, ridiculous, frustrating things sometimes

But all you have to do is walk away. It is NEVER acceptable for a man to get in a physical altercation with a woman. And if a particular person doesn’t understand that, then that person is a lost cause.

Rice should have been suspended for the season. But what’s done is done. Credibility is lost.