Will McIlroy roll or fold at Masters?

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Matt’s Take:

When you sit behind Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods on any golf list, you are in good company. That’s exactly where the 25-year-old Rory McIlroy finds himself as a four-time major winner.

The question I ponder for the current world’s No. 1 golfer is how many majors can he win? Will we see the McIlroy that’s looked unstoppable during the last two majors? Or will we see the McIlroy that self implodes on the course?

McIlroy has too much talent not to be great. There is no doubt in my mind that he will win his fair share of major tournaments, but I don’t think he will surpass Nicklaus, who has 18 major titles, and Woods, who has 14 majors to his name.

It’s just not the likely scenario. When Tiger won the vast majority of his titles, he was by far and away the best player in the game; there was nobody that could touch him.

He had the killer instinct, ice water in his veins.

I don’t see that same instinct with McIlroy. He’s a great player, but I’m not sure he has the same inner drive that Tiger had.

Sure, Tiger has fallen off the wagon since his scandal broke and he’s only a shell of the player that he once was, but he’s still one of the greatest of all times.

As for McIlroy, I honestly see him floating around the Tom Watson and Ben Hogan mark for career majors. If he wins double-digit majors, I’d be surprised.

Like I said, he’s a good player and has all the potential in the world, but I don’t see him ever passing Tiger and Nicklaus.

His roar that we’ve seen over the past few months will turn into more of a whimper as time rolls on.

Andrew’s Take:

Rory McIlroy is a very dangerous person.

If you’re feeling insecure about your accomplishments, just a heads up, this column isn’t going to make you feel any better.

We’re very lucky that McIlroy is using his powers for good. He’s seems to have infinite talent and work ethic, and that’s that stuff that evil dictators are made of.

McIlroy is that kid who is good at everything. We all know someone like him. Whether it’s a younger sibling, or just an acquaintance, we all know what it’s like to look at a more youthful person and think, “Why didn’t I do that?”

I’m not saying that I could have won a “major.” I can’t even keep it on the fairway. I’m just conveying my sense of awe. The term “awesome” is rarely used appropriately, but Rory McIlroy is awesome.

He’s 25-years-old and he just won his fourth major. Those numbers, when combined, are very impressive, considering that Rory’s athletic peak is about a decade away.

Naturally, as we watch Tiger Woods’ health diminish, we are asking, “Is Rory next?”

I say, “Yes.” This kid is taking the sports world by storm, just like Tiger did in the 90’s.

It’s well deserved. McIlroy had a very obvious flaw in his game, even after he won his first major. He tanked on Saturdays.

But now, he’s taken care of that. He’s proven his ability to adjust and there is absolutely no reason to think that McIlroy can’t pass Tiger’s number (14 majors) and make a run at Jack Nicklaus (18).

For the ultimate proof that McIlroy will do anything to win, just look at his personal life. He attributed his recent success to the end of his relationship with Danish tennis bombshell, Caroline Wozniacki

There is no way, barring injury, that Rory McIlroy will not be the odds-on favorite, by a significant margin, when The Masters Tournament rolls around in April.