Doc's decks Pike's Painting


Chase McInnis knocked in four runs to lead Doc's in a 19-7 win over Pike's Painting in the Men's Competitive Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

McInnis smacked out two homers, a double and a single for four RBIs.

At the end of two innings, Doc's led 8-4. They managed to put the game away in five innings.

Eddie Rivera and Steve Rivera each hit three singles for two RBIs for Doc's. Kyle Ely connected for two home runs.

Carson Richards tripled, doubled and singled for an RBI for Pike's. Troy Goergeon hit three singles for two RBIs, and Tony Manthey doubled and singled.

• BlueGreen Landscape 29, Doc's 17

Landscape pounded the ball out of the gate scoring 13 runs in the first inning. At the end of three, Landscape led 20-7.

Andrew Elliott was the big stick for Landscape with three home run blasts and a double for eight RBIs. Kyle Kennedy hit three doubles and two singles, and Josh Hall homered, tripled and doubled for four RBIs. Vinny Dema smacked three homers, while Vinny Carnazza and Josh Hall each slapped one.

Steve Rivera homered and hit two singles for an RBI for Doc's. Adam Conant homered and singled for an RBI, and Jeff Milam homered and singled for three RBIs. Kyle Ely and Michael Higgins each connected for one home run.

• X-Treme 25, Pike's Painting 7

• BlueGreen Landscape 16, X-Treme 11


• Cheney Insurance 21, Destin Locksmithing 8

Cheney led 8-4 at the end of one inning and 13-8 at the end of four. In the bottom of the sixth inning, Cheney put the game away with eight runs.

Jordan Hutchison connected for two doubles and two singles for two RBIs for Cheney. Justin Destin doubled and hit two singles for an RBI, and Brad Davis hit two doubles for four RBIs.

Rban Arnold doubled and hit two singles for an RBI for Locksmithing. Raphael Segno doubled and singled for two RBIs, and Mike Bacon hit two singles for an RBI.

• Gary's Team 18, No Glove No Love 0

Gary's dominated and led 18-0 at the end of three innings.

Matt Williams and Danny Bradford each hit three singles for an RBI for Gary's. Mike Rowe tripled and singled for an RBI.

John Bradly hit two singles for No Glove, while Adam Ward and Shawn Biesel each singled.

• Scared Hitless 15, MyOp 9 

• Donut Hole 15, 30 Aces 7