NFL Week 1: So wrong, so right

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Matt’s Take:

So Week 1 of the National Football League season is in the books and there were plenty upsets, as well as dominant performances.

After seeing the “new” Ray Rice video, courtesy of TMZ, it’s evident the NFL and Roger Goodell failed. Rice should never be allowed to step on a football field again.

But, Andrew and I want to reflect on Week 1. So without further ado, here are some of my takeaways from the week that was.

1.        It’s going to be a long season for fans of the Dallas Cowboys. Could Tony Romo have looked any worse in his first start since back surgery? I’ll give him a little bit of a break, but he looked absolutely terrible and almost lost at times. Dallas better start planning for life after Romo sooner rather than later.

2.        Could the defending Super Bowl champs have looked any better? Russell Wilson was sharp and Marshawn Lynch was in full “Beast Mode.” There were a few jokes that the Green Bay Packers defense didn’t want to tackle Lynch, but I’m not sure that’s too far from the truth. I know it’s early, but Seattle looks unstoppable.

3.        The 49ers looked really, really good as well. But then again they were playing against Tony Romo, so that’s not a good base. So does San Francisco take the NFC West like I predicted? It’s a tough call after Week 1, but I say they take the division title.

4.        The Denver Broncos remain the team to beat in the AFC. The players may be a bit different on both sides of the ball, but when you have Peyton Manning under center, a deep run into the playoffs is a no brainer. The Broncos are still my Super Bowl champs.

5.        The NFL has a serious problem on its hand with Ray Rice. The Ravens have released him and he is now suspended “indefinitely.” It’s only a Band-Aid, but it’s a start.

Andrew’s Take:

Feel like you just took a flying kick to the chest?

It sucks when your team loses.

My team lost, bad. It’s like the Green Bay Packers left half their team on the bus. But when there’s no doubt, when it’s so obvious that your team didn’t deserve the win, it’s hard to be stressed. I’m just thinking about Week 2.

My writing partner, Matt, on the other hand, understands my “flying kick” reference. Partially because his Cleveland Browns rallied from 24-down, only to watch the Pittsburg Steelers send one through the uprights as time expired. Also, Antonio Brown pummeled Browns punter Spencer Lanning in the chest with the bottom of his cleat, and it was a legal play.

We always knew that half the teams in the NFL were going to lose last weekend. But some teams (Cleveland) maintain this tendency more than others.

I said it last week: Don’t let Week 1 be a measuring stick. After all, “any given Sunday,” right?

It’s been seven months since the Super Bowl, and there’s really no way to understand exactly how the landscape of the league has changed in that time.

Nobody expected the Atlanta Falcons to upset the New Orleans Saints, but they did.

No one thought Matt Cassel would lead the Minnesota Vikings to a four-touchdown victory against one of the best defenses in the league, but he did.

And we didn’t think the Miami Dolphins would shut out the New England Patriots in the second half to claim a spot at the top of the divisional standings, but they did it.

We’ve got 16 more weeks for these NFL teams to back up my predictions for the 2014 season. I don’t think it will take that long, though. Week 2 starts tomorrow night.