BlueGreen Landscape edges Doc's

Tina Harbuck

Kyle Kennedy went five-for-five a the plate to lead BlueGreen Landscape in a 27-26 win over Doc's in the KLUTCH Men's Competitive Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Kennedy hit five singles for an RBI.

BlueGreen had a big third inning, scoring 14 runs.

Garreth Bennett cranked out a home run, double and a single for four RBIs for BlueGreen. Timmy Salle homered, tripled and singled for three RBIs. Josh Hall and Andrew Elliott each slapped home runs.

Mike Higgins and Jeff Milam each hit two homers and a single for three RBIs for Doc's. Kyle Ely belted a home run and two singles for two RBIs. Chase McInnis and Steve Rivera also hit home runs.

• Doc's 20, X-Treme 15

Doc's stepped out to a 12-4 lead in the first three innings.

Chase McInnis and Kyle Ely each connected for a home run, double and a single for Doc's. Doc Agostenelli hit a triple and three singles.

Josh Snyder doubled and hit two singles for X-Treme. Drew Pinckley and Billy Roof each hit three singles.

• X-Treme 24, Peewee's Playhouse 11

X-Treme led 14-5 at the end of three innings.

Drew Pinckley slapped a home run, two doubles and a single for X-Treme. Josh Snyder hit two homers for two RBIs, and Chris Terry tripled and hit two doubles for an RBI. Billy Roof hit a home run.

Dennis Browning hit the cycle for two RBIs for Peewee's. Brandon Patzig tripled, doubled and singled for two RBIs.

• BlueGreen Landscape 17, Peewee's Playhouse 13

At the end of three innings, BlueGreen was on top 14-6.

Garreth Bennett batted two homers and a single for three RBIs for BlueGreen. Andrew Elliott cracked a home run and a double for two RBIs, and Kyle Kennedy hit three singles for three RBIs.

Kyle Kriech connected for two homers for three RBIs for Peewee's. Dennis Browning homered and singled for an RBI, and Brandon Patzig hit three singles for two RBIs.