Is Manning the G.O.A.T?

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The Destin Log

Matt’s Take:

Let me start by saying I am not a fan of the Denver Broncos or the San Francisco 49ers, but you better believe I was glued to the Sunday Night Football game.

Just like millions of others, I wanted a glimpse of history. I mean, it’s not like major sports records are broken monthly, so I wasn’t going to miss it.

The pass probably wobbled a bit, but in true form it hit its target and was a touchdown. That’s become the norm for No. 18 over all of these years.

Peyton Manning will go down in NFL history as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. But is he the best at his position?

I mean, we could base this argument strictly on Super Bowl wins, and in that case, Peyton wouldn’t even be the best Manning in his family. I mean, Bob Griese has two Super Bowls wins, so would he be a better signal caller than Peyton?

That would also mean that Ben Roethlisberger (2), Troy Aikman (3), Terry Bradshaw (4), Tom Brady (3), and Joe Montana (4) are all better than Manning.

But it would be foolish to base the discussion purely on Super Bowl wins. Statistics play a large role in this conversation. Cue Dan Marino. Nobody can legitimately argue that Marino and Jim Kelly are not two of the best quarterbacks off all time, but they both drew blanks in the big game. Heck, John Elway is 2-for-5 in the Super Bowl, but you can’t ignore him when talking about all-time greats.

Manning has a career 11-12 record in the playoffs, and is 1-2 in Super Bowls, but when you compare the stats, he can’t be beat. He is the league’s all-time touchdown leader, surpassing Brett Favre Sunday night.

But no, he’s not the best of all time. That honor belongs to Joe Montana.

Andrew’s Take:

I’ve done you disservice.

We are well into Double Take’s fourth year, and I haven’t spelled it out. You need to recognize and understand the best football player to ever take the field.

Last weekend, Peyton Manning broke Brett Favre’s record for career touchdown passes. And, of course, the historic conversations started.

This isn’t the first “best of all time” mention to come from Matt and Andrew. On multiple occasions, specifically concerning basketball, we’ve discussed the No. 1 spot as far as individual talent goes.

But, football is America’s sport, and there is definitely a “best of the best.”

Speaking of America, put your guns down. There’s a very easy way to do this. You get one game, and one quarterback; whom do you choose?

I don’t want to discredit any of the game’s greats, but there’s definitely a “right” answer to the question.

Peyton Manning. Easy.

I guess that arguments can be made for a few of the Gridiron’s legendary field generals, and you should be given the chance to at least consider some options. I mean, this column exists for the sake of argument. But if you come up with anyone besides Manning, you’re wrong.

Of course, anyone who disagrees with me is going to quote the predictable statistics.

“His own brother has won more Super Bowls.”

But if you’re going that way, just consider the five Most Valuable Player awards.

Back to my original tactic.

It’s the fourth quarter, there’s a minute left and you’re down by four. Manning, without a doubt, gives you the best opportunity for victory, as compared to any other quarterback who has ever played the game. He’s a 6’5” genius, with a cannon attached to his right shoulder.

If Manning’s on the field, why would you bother paying an offensive coordinator?