Youth basketball league results

Special to The Log

The city of Destin’s Youth Basketball League got underway this past weekend with more than 15 games played at the Destin Community Center between Friday and Saturday.

Here are some of the scores and highlights of the two days of play.


• Thrivent Financial 24, Kids Korner 14

Wallace Depaula led Thrivent Financial with 15 points. Kids Korner was led by Anthony Kirby with six points.


• Frankfurt Law 7,  Destin Community Center (light blue) 6

High scorer for Frankfurt was  Ebner Ingram with three points. Cannon Wilbur scored three for DCC.

• Wood and Associates P.A. 14, Destin Community Center Yellow 12

Sean Simon scored eight points for Wood and Associates. Caleb Hoogewerf scored five for DCC  followed by Matthew Pavolini with four.

• Dr. Bawa and Associates  36, Destin Community Center Green 13

Jordan Figueroa led Bawa with 16 points. Mason George made four points for DCC.

• D AND D Services 13, Alys Beach 8

Carter Phillips was tops for D AND D with nine points. Calvin Blackman scored six points for Alys Beach.


• Goodyear Wingfoot 17, Wood and Associates P.A. 14

Harrison Orr scored six points for Goodyear. Noah Mason hit for six points for Wood and Associates.

• Gulf Coast Dermatology 16, AJ’s Seafood 2

Jacob Castle hit double digits for Gulf Coast with 14 points.  Owen Davis and Aiden Mohr both scored two points.

• Nathan Hall 12,  Regal Stephens Construction 8

Nathan Hall was led by Liam Allen Pohl with six points. Jackson Rainer played awesome defense and scored two points for Regal.

• Fudpuckers 14, Treehouse Therapies 8

Wyatt Weinwright dominates for Fud’s with 12 points. Dean Redmond scored four points for Treehouse.


• Coastal Cruisers 27, Destin Community Center Green 9

Mason Brundidge led Cruisers with 11 points. Izaiah Feligiano scored nine for DCC.

• Beach'n Destin Vacation Rentals 23, Destin Community Center Green 22

Hayden Cantu scored eight for Beach'n. Zander Davis made six for DCC.

• Home Depot 18, Title Works 4

Ryan Driscoll and Elijah Oswald each scored six for Home Depot. Ryan Willis and Colin Martine each had two points for Title Works.

• 850 Surf 24, Trustmark Bank 15

Blake Forester led 850 Surf with eight points. Cayden Douglas scored five points for Trustmark.


• On the Coast 32, Destin Athletic Club 31 (OT)

Will Foster was high-point player for On the Coast with 14 pionts. Will Rutland had 10 points for Destin Athletic Club.

• Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. 15, Harbor Capital LLC 12

Hudson Cook scored six points for Bubba. Colton Kilpatrick had eight points for Harbor Capital.


• DCC Green 26, Payne Chiropractic 17

Richard Perez led DCC with 17 points. Logan Massingill made eight points for Payne.

• Lenny’s Sub Shop 42, DCC Green 32

Justin Winter was tops for Lenny’s with 18 points. Jacob Edelman scored two for DCC and Jackson Stanford played good defense.