Youth basketball results posted

Special to The Log

The city of Destin’s Youth Basketball League is in full swing at the Destin Community Center with games played on Friday and Saturday.

Here are some of the scores and highlights of the two days of play.


• Kids Korner 16, Dewey Destin 11

Anthony Kirby scored six points for Kids Korner, Miles Thomas had five points for Deweys.

• Thrivent Financial 23, Home Instead Senior Care 15

Dominic Rocco and Charlotte Shepard each scored two points for Thrivent. Bentley Reed and Cameron Davis both scored two points for Home Instead.


• Wood and Associates P.A. 14, Destin Community Center Light Blue 12

Carter Dallman hit for four points for Wood. Caylen Curle scored two points for DCC Light Blue.

• Alys Beach 14, Destin Community Center Green 11

Calvin Blackman was high-point player for Alys Beach with 13 points. Micah Vowels scored two points for DCC Green.

• Dr. Bawa and Associates 21, Frankfurt Law 16

Maylin Cannon led the scoring attack for Dr. Bawa with nine points followed by Cole Rewis with three points. Griffin Cann had some great defensive plays for Frankfurt also tossing in four points.

• Destin Community Center Yellow 21, D and D Services 19

Jabari Weeks was high-point player with 10 points, and Noah Oden with some great defensive plays. Casey Lechner and Eleanor Ballard each made there free throw shots adding one point to D and D.


• Fudpuckers 20, Gulf Coast Dermatology 15

Wyatt Wainwright scored 18 points for Fuds. Dalton Taylor scored two points for Gulf Coast and Kay Cannon played strong on defense.

• Nathan Hall 18, Wood and Associates 10

Eisley Ingram made eight points for Nathan Hall, and Garrett Jacobs scored eight points for Wood and Associates.

• Treehouse Therapies 20, Regal Stephens Construction 8

Brackin Cobb tossed in a total of eight points for Treehouse. Allen Binkley scored two points for Regal.

• Goodyear Wingfoots 13, Ajs Seafood 10

Tops for Goodyear was Jesse Winslette with seven points. Aiden Mohr scored four points for AJ's.


• Coastal Cruisers 31, Destin Community Center 4

Adam White scored 10 points for Coastal Cruisers, while Jessica Pierce made two points for DCC Neon Green

• Home Depot 20, Destin Community Center Light Blue 17

Jalen Tomita hit for six points for Home Depot. Issac Thompson scored four points for DCC.

• Coastal Cruisers 17, Beach 'N Destin Vacation Rentals 10

Kaden Wilson scored two points for Coastal Cruisers and played great defense. Pavel Baturyn made four points for Beach 'N.

• Trustmark 20, Destin Community Center Neon Green 6

Cooper Stanford and Braxton Taylor each scored four points for Trustmark. Chris Blanchard made two points for DCC.

• 850 Surf 35, Title Works 14

Joseph Guillory and Harper Jacobs each scored two for 850. Isabella Larabee hit for two points for Title Works.


• Bubba Gump Shrimp Company 25, On The Coast 24

High scorer for Bubba Gump was Hudson Cook with 12 points. Kobe Babin checked in with 12 points for On the Coast.

• Bubba Gump 24, Destin Athletic Club 18

Tyler Barnes scored eight points for Bubba Gump, while T.W. Key made 10 points for Destin Athletic Club.

• On The Coast 27, Harbor Capital LLC 20

Trey Wainwright led On The Coast with 10 point. Ezekiel Oswald scored 12 points for Harbor Capital.


• Destin Community Center Green 37, Lennys Sub Shop 34

Matthew Pierce was high-piont player for DCC with 16 points. Justin Winter scored 18 points for Lennys.

• Payne Chiropractic 30, Lennys Sub Shop 29

Jamison Brundidge scored eight points for Payne Chiropractic, while Gabe Hamilton tossed in 11 points for Lennys.