Double Take plays GM

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Matt’s Take:

There’s not a lot to be excited about if you are a fan of the Cleveland Browns, trust me. Last season wound up being a disaster after an impressive 7-4 start.

Clearly, neither Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel is the answer at quarterback. And the splashy signing of  the 35-year-old Josh McCown doesn’t do much to excite anyone.

The Browns clearly must have another plan in place, unless they are going into the 2015 season with a depth chart of McCown, Manziel and Conner Shaw.

General Manager Ray Farmer better pull a rabbit out of his hat in April’s NFL Draft if he wants to be taken seriously.

The Browns need a quarterback and the free agent choices are lackluster. See McCown signing.

Finding a long-term signal caller must be a priority. But in the interim, there are plenty of free agents the Browns can look at, given they have plenty of Monopoly money to play with.

If I’m Farmer and company, here’s who I’m bringing to Cleveland.

1: Ndamukong Suh. At 28 years old, Suh is a beast, albeit he has some character flaws. He’s a run-stuffing lineman who is a difference maker.

2: Terrance Knighton: The man they call “Pot Roast” is a nose tackle that could shore up the Browns defensive line. At 300-plus pounds, Knighton is a perfect centerpiece.

3: Randall Cobb: With Josh Gordon suspended, again, the Browns need some help at wide receiver. I’m sure Cobb re-signs with the Packers, but if not the Browns must make a serious offer for this speedy youngster.

4: Torrey Smith: Anytime you can pluck someone away from a division rival, it’s a plus. Smith’s payday options may be bigger than what the Ravens are looking to pay.

5:  Buster Skrine: The Browns simply cannot afford to lose Skrine, who had a tremendous season in 2014. Spend the cash, Browns.

Andrew’s Take:

Ndomukong Suh.

I spent a lot of time trying to think of a creative lead, then a realized that no combination of words is as funny as that walking, stomping joke-of-a-person.

As I write this, sports journalists across the country are trying to predict Suh’s future, and I couldn’t care less. I cheer for a team that makes business decisions with integrity. I don’t have to worry about a defensive lineman, wearing green and gold, trying to stomp quarterbacks to death.

I trust the Green Bay Packers. I know that I can look forward to sound decisions, as we get into free agency.

Like every other team, the Packers have a long list of players with whom to negotiate, and they’re going to do what’s worked for the last two decades: Stay young. We’re (I’m an owner.) going to hoard picks and sign new talent.

Besides offensive tackle Brian Bulaga, I really only care about the free agency of one player.

Randall Cobb is a big fish. Everyone else is good, and I would like for each of the players to be in Green Bay, but they’re not irreplaceable.

In regards to Cobb’s re-signing, ask yourself one question: Does he look happy?

Yes. I would argue that no other football player has as much fun. And a departure from Titletown would instantly detract from those emotions.

No matter what, Cobb is going to get a significant pay increase. Of course, he could get “max cash” from some bottom feeder, but he’s seen how that goes.

Flash to: Greg Jennings, running a vertical route, as the ball sails out of reach. Cut to: Jennings on the sideline, hands on hips, with a miserable stat line. “0 receptions for 0 yards.”

Cobb is a smart dude. He’s watched Jennings go one direction, and he’s observed Jordy Nelson take another. One of these players is, obviously, happier. I don’t see how a smart person, Cobb, could even consider the path that leads to less happiness.