Glowing reviews for Little League opener

Hillary Ray hands off water to some of the players on the Ace of South Walton team.

Players, parents and coaches were all aglow Saturday evening as the Destin Little League Association kicked off its 2015 season with a flashlight parade to the park.

“I think it was good,” said Amber Hill, vice president of the Little League board.


“All the feedback I have received has been good,” she added.

The parade to the Dalton Threadgill Little League park from Destin Elementary took place in the evening this year, rather than in the morning.

The league provided each child with a hand-held flashlight.

But the players, coaches and parents took it a step further. The kids had glow stick necklaces, armbands and glasses.

“They had glowing everything you could imagine,” Hill said.

And doing the parade at night, “made it more of an adventure for the kids,” she said.

Once the first pitch was tossed out by Destin Elementary SRO Deputy Sonya Shepard, the teams played a couple of exhibition innings.

The evening wrapped up with a home run derby by some of the coaches.