Does Dallas meet Dez's demands?

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The Destin Log

Matt's Take:

It goes without saying we all want to make as much money as possible. I can't fault someone for that.

But, to me, it seems silly that athletes make these demands to be paid or they won't show up to work. Case in point, Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant informed the team that he will miss games (work) this upcoming season if the team doesn't sign him to a long-term contract.

Mind you, Bryant can play under the franchise tag for the next two seasons and make plenty of dough. Reports say Bryant can collect $28 million over the next two years, just by playing under the tag.

Sure, Bryant just wants to be paid for "what he's worth." I get it. But, with that said, we're talking about raking in almost $30 million in the next two years.

That should set Bryant for life, whether he plays another down after that. Yes, football is a brutal sport. Yes, a player never knows when they may suffer a career-ending injury. I get it.

Bryant has earned more than $11 million in his playing career, so it's time he stops complaining and signs his franchise tender. Get on the field and play ball.

I have a sneaking suspicion that if I told my boss I wasn't going to come to work unless they met my salary demands and guaranteed me a long-term contract, I'd be searching for a job quicker than I could blink.

Somehow the real world doesn't reflect what actually happens in the world of athletes and professional sports.

It's a shame.

Does Dez deserve to get paid? Of course he does. But, quit whining about it and just let the process play out.

I'm sure he has a few spare Benjamin's he can wipe his tears with.

Andrew’s Take:

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes America’s fourth largest metropolitan area to raise Dez Bryant.

This week, the Dallas Cowboys receiver publically stated that he would not show up for team activities without a new deal. And no one is surprised.

The Cowgirls have employed an army to keep Bryant out of trouble and what do they have to show for it? One playoff win.

Running back DeMarco Murray was their best player last year, and now he’s a Philadelphia Eagle. Quarterback Tony Romo is really good, but his best days are long gone.

Why should Dallas negotiate? Bryant has a contract, and if he holds out, they don’t have to pay him. In a year that could very well start the rebuilding process, why not clear that cap space?

On the contrary, why should Bryant negotiate? It’s not like he’s got a reputation to protect. Cowboys fans are happy to see him catch a crap load of touchdowns, but there would definitely be a collective sigh of relief in the “Big D” if another team picked him up.

When you’re forced to cheer someone so unlikable, your fandom feels cheap. The Cowboys aren’t going to win anyways. Their fans should at least feel pride.

If Bryant sticks to his guns, maybe he can get out of his contract and go ruin another team’s championship hopes, for more money!

I’m honestly torn in this situation. A large part of me thinks that Dez and Dallas deserve each other. That’s me being selfish though. I’ve already got the Jay Cutler/Chicago Bears calamity to help me sleep at night.

I used to live in Texas. I met about three tolerable Cowboys fans in that time. Bryant’s departure would make their lives happier.

So, Dez, do your thing.