DOUBLE TAKE: Time to cut NFL preseason

Matt Algarin and Andrew Metz
Matt Algarin and Andrew Metz

Matt's Take:

Kelvin Benjamin, Breshad Perriman, Jordy Nelson, Kevin White, and Michael Floyd have all gone down with an injury in either practice or a preseason game so far.

Apparently it's not a good year to be an NFL wide receiver. But the preseason/practice injuries have hit others as well.

Injuries are part of the game. When a sport is as physical as football, it's expected. But the bigger question is whether or not the NFL should do something to help mitigate the number of practice/preseason related injuries.

Honestly, there was absolutely no reason for Jordy Nelson to be on the field for the Green Bay Packers when he injured his knee. He is likely out for the season with a torn ACL.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers obviously wasn't thrilled with Nelson's injury, especially since it happened during a "meaningless game."

Is it necessary for teams to play four preseason games? Could that number be dropped to two?

Would reducing the number of preseason games eliminate injuries? It may not, but what more could it hurt to explore that possibility.

Sure, the NFL may lose some revenue, but it may help keep players on the field.

To steal a line from the WWE, keeping players healthy may be "what's best for business."

NFL teams are all about the "next man up" mantra, but as a fan it's not as exciting to see your favorite team play when their top stars are on the sideline in street clothes.

Andrew’s Take:

The next NFL game in Europe should be played in the Coliseum, swords included.

At this point, the violence seems intentional. I’m basically waiting for the next Joe Theismann.

Jordy Nelson’s torn ACL is beyond disappointing. The season-ending injury occurred during the second of four Preseason games, and football fans need answers. Most of all, they need to know why their regular season must be bastardized by injuries that occurred during a meaningless cash-grab.

Now, when I watch my beloved Green Bay Packers, I have to question the authority in which I formerly believed.

Why in the heck was head coach Mike McCarthy playing Nelson?

As an American sports fan, each of the major professional leagues is a like a different child. I love them each equally.

Major League Baseball is the oldest. It is very boring, but its time-tested stubbornness yields success.

The National Hockey League is a wild child. The complete opposite if its older sibling. Really into drinking and fighting.

The National Basketball Association is the youngest. It let everyone else make the mistakes, so it knows how to break the rules and go unnoticed.

The National Football League is the main character in the story of American sports. That’s why it’s the worst in which to be disappointed.

Everyone knows that a career as a football player is an express ticket to expiration. But we love the sport so much that we turn a blind eye to a very obvious conclusion: The preseason should be cut in half.

I have tried my hardest, but I can’t think of one good reason why there should be a month of scrimmages.

Football players have grown up in the game. In high school, there was one scrimmage a year. In college, there were none. Why do the professionals have four?

The culture of the game dictates that practice is sufficient preparation for games, and the NFL needs to fall in line.