Peewee Dolphins shutout Panama City Beach

Special to The Log

The Destin Peewee Dolphins showed a solid performance at home on Saturday with a 22-0 victory over Panama City Beach.

The Dolphin’s defense had been focusing on open field tackles all week and it showed as they held Panama City to a scoreless game. Maddox Hayles led the defense with 11 tackles and a solo safety. Mason Wetzel, Braxton Beard, and Owen Davis each had nine tackles with a fumble recovery for Beard.

John Castaneda and Kadon Chapman both had a great game with four tackles each. Cadin Wells, Carter Philips, and Brayden Watters each contributed big hits in the shutout game.

Dolphins blocking on offense has shown improvement every Saturday. Key blocks by Davis, Clark Adams, Wells, Beard and Wetzel helped quarterback Hayles punch in three touchdowns and 215 yards rushing. Calvin Blackman and Wetzel helped secure the victory with an extra-point conversion each.

One of the many highlights from the game on Saturday was Zac Dixon’s 45-yard kickoff return during his first appearance on the special teams kickoff squad. Dixon caught the ball like a pro at the Dolphin’s 35 yard-line, then took-off to the edge. Dixon fended off two tackles on his way down field, one with a strong left stiff-arm, the second with a quick cut-back before the opponents caught him just 10 yards from the goal line.

Captains for the game included Dixon, Adams, Philips and Blackman.

The Dolphins take on Niceville 2 at 11:30 a.m. Saturday at Freeport Middle School.