Boyajian family runs together for win in Rodeo Run (VIDEO)

Tina Harbuck

The Boyajian family had plenty of reason to celebrate on Sunday. Not only did Greg Boyajian win the Rodeo Run 5K but it was his son’s one-year-old birthday.

Boyajian, 27, finished the run in 18 minutes and 22 seconds.

“This was a personal best for me,” Boyajian said.

“It was good race. I like the course. I run it frequently,” Boyajian said, noting he lives nearby.

The race started on Calhoun Avenue and ran through some of the back roads of Destin before ending up at Clement Taylor Park.

“It’s a nice straight forward race,” he said.

Boyajian, who is stationed at Elgin AFB, said he would have run the race last year, but they had a pleasant surprise.

“This time last year we were in the hospital and she was in labor,” he said.

Paul, who celebrated his first birthday Sunday, participated in the race as a rider in a running stroller with his mom Toni.

“It’s been a while since I’ve ran,” Toni said.

However, they all three finished the race.

“If we’re still stationed here, we’ll run again,” Greg said.

Boyajian was the first in out of 185 participants.

Second overall finisher was last year’s winner. Tim Gregory with a mark of 18:31.

First female in, and last year’s winner as well was Missie Gregory with a 20:45 finish. Gregory said she always enjoys running the Rodeo Run and this year she knocked about 12 seconds off her time.

Other finishers in the various age groups are as follows;

9 and under: Male – Maddox Hayles, first; Wyatt Wainwright, second; and Braxton Beard, third. Female – Aleese Warner, first; McKenzi Toth, second; and Abigail Stout, third.

10-14: Male – Landon Marshall, first; and Jaidb Gambrell, second. Female – Delany Cookman, first; and Olivia Beard, second.

15-19: Male – Noah Cochran, first; Christian Falcon, second; and Tyler McCormick, third. Pczyrsky Skriz, first; and Megan McCormick, second.

20-14: Male – Will Gillen, first. Female – Valario Dixon, first; Danielle Ireland, second; and Mallory Beeson, third.

25-29: Male – Cody West, first; Jame Chapuis, second; and Thomas White, third. Female – Brittany Kate, first; Elizabeth Cox, second; and Rebecca Halsema, third.

30-34: Male – Alan Meadows, first; Ross Hill, second; and Nick Addington, third. Female – Rachel Staples, first; Andrea Zimo, second; and Rebecca Johansen, third.

35-39: Male – Brian Dwyer, first; Andrew Byers, second; and Michael Beedie, third. Female – Lisa Cropper, first; Kathy Combs, second; and Jannel Herrick, third.

40-44: Male – James Falcon, first; Will McCormick, second; and Brian Smith, third. Female – Kellee Dali, first; Kathlen Vhlhorn, second; and Amy Vance, third.

45-49: Male – Bill Staniewicz, first; Eric Vincent, second; and Steve Cookman, third. Female – Simona Farom, first; Donn Pink, second; and Jane Bymes, third.

50-54: Male – Eric Marshall, first; Jeffery Cochran, second; and Kevin Henrey, third. Female – Caroline Leuesque, first; Valina Sweat, second; and Debbie Mast, third.

55-59: Male – Al Mast, first; Lowell Wilson, second; and Ken Wolfe, third. Female – Cheryl Veltman, first; Elisse Varner, second; and Silvia Smith, third.

60-64: Male – Mike McMillian, first; Jim Cardo, second; and Jim Dettle, third. Female – Celia Walker, first; Debbie Henderson, second; and Sue Smith, third.

65-69: Male – Nicholas Kearn, first; Del White, second; and Bill Christie, third.

70-74: Male – Klaus Rieper, first.

Top walkers were Ken Smallwich and Cathy Trolian.