Ruckel Rams serve up win over Destin Marlins

Tina Harbuck

A lack of communication and aggressiveness were the downfall of the Destin Marlins as they fell 2-0 on the road Monday to the Ruckel Rams in middle school volleyball action.

“They weren’t aggressive,” said Destin Coach Kersten Bowman.

“They (Ruckel) had some great players on that team and they had some aggressive serves and aggressive hits. We just didn’t do what we were supposed to do today.

“I usually have a couple of leaders out there for every game, but nobody stepped up today,” Bowman said.

In match one, Destin got the first two points, one on a missed served by Ruckel and the other on miss on a volley by Ruckel.

After Destin hit it out, Ruckel’s Korre Royster went on a scoring spree reeling off 15 consecutive points, with at least six aces.

Ruckel finally lost control of the ball when they hit one long on the volley. Destin soon turned it back over, missing serves. Ruckel finished up the match with Angie Dzoba and Cami Boyett getting it done at the service line for a 25-6 win.

In match two. Destin started off a little better tying the game at 3-3. However, it didn’t take long for Ruckel to take charge. Morgan Childress served up five straight for an 8-3 lead. Destin picked up a couple of points on misses by the Rams.

Ruckel had a couple of good runs with Dzoba and Royster serving up multiple points. When it was all said and done Ruckel won 25-12.

“It was a lack of focus,” Bowman said.

“Blame it on the holiday for all I know.

“They’ve been looking forward to playing the Ruckel team all season long. I think nerves got the better of them.

“We should be a well oiled machine at this point in the game with two games left in the season.

“But I felt like we were back to day one,” she said.

Up next, Destin travels to Fort Walton Beach for a 4 p.m. game Wednesday against the Bruner Spartans.