Peewee Dolphins hold on for the win

Bryan Wetzel Special to The Log
The Destin Dolphins take a little break on the sideline during Saturday's game against the South Walton Seahawks.

It was a nail-biter of a fourth quarter for the Destin Peewee Dolphins in their 14-12 win over the South Walton Seahawks Saturday.

The game came down to the last minute with the Seahawks needing to complete a pass play for a two-point conversion in order to tie the game and take it into overtime. The Dolphin defense set up in a goal-line formation with corner-back Calvin Blackman, outside linebacker Carter Philips and free safety Mason Wetzel picking up the “trips” receivers. The Seahawks moved out on their left wing while Landon Ulrich tracked the wide receiver on the opposite side and Braxton Beard and Owen Davis covered the flats. What happened next was pass rushing pressure brought on by the defensive linemen Maddox Hayles, Cadin Wells, Will Blanchard and Kadon Chapman, collapsing the pocket and forcing the early and ultimately short incomplete pass and leaving only 45 seconds on the clock for the Dolphins to hold on for the win.

Most of the game was a defensive showdown as both defenses kept their opposing offenses to repeated scoreless drives. Blanchard made his first appearance back in the starting line-up and made his presence known. One of the top highlights from the game included Blanchard tackling the Seahawks quarterback mid forward pass, leading to a Hayles interception in the backfield.

Davis led the defense with eight tackles. Hayles and Chapman had five tackles each. Beard brought down four Seahawks ball carriers, while Wells had three. Wetzel, Blanchard, Ulrich each had two tackles a piece.

The offensive line had a tough time maintaining their blocks against the athletic Seahawks defense who shutdown much of the Dolphin’s run plays through the middle. Fortunately Hayles and Davis found holes opened up by their lead blockers on the edges of the formation twice for Dolphins touchdowns.

Hayles led the offense with 18 carries for 59 yards. Davis had nine carries for 51 yards. Wetzel ran the ball four times for 14 yards and Beard helped move the ball three yards on his carry.

Team captains for the game were Wells, Chapman, Calvin Blackman, and Zac Dixon.

Saturday is the last game of the Dolphin’s regular season. They face Lynn Haven in a 9 a.m. game at Deane Bozeman Stadium in Panama City. This is a big game for the Dolphins who are in a three-way tie with Lynn Haven and Walton for third place in the Peewee standings.