Emerald Coast Pro-Am swings into action at Indian Bayou

Tina Harbuck

Under sunny skies and cool temps more than 75 golfers teed it up at Indian Bayou Golf and Country Club Sunday afternoon in the second day of play of the Emerald Coast Pro-Am.

Team No. 7, made up of Zach Sucher, Ronnie Busbee, Duanne Arnold and Jim Pewitt, rose to the top as winners with a net score of 122-123—245 for the Pro-Am.

Scott Parel, Bill Anderson, Trevor Ballet and Graham Hill came in second with a 123-127—250.

Tied for third was Team 9 and Team 17 with a total of 253 each. Members of Team 9 inclueded Garrett Osborn, Michael Smith, Lyn Wheatley and Randy Meeks, for a 131-122—253. Brent Witcher, Bob McGill, Layne Fielder and David Cheese made up Team 17 with a mark of 125-128—253.

Placing fifth was Grady Brame, Ed Malone, Tommy Brennan and Claude Cooper, 130-129—259.

Chase Seiffert, Troy Helwig and Duane Glenn came in sixth with 131-129—260.

Seventh was Kyle Sapp, Russell Smith, Jim Aaron and Jason Hill with a 133-130—263.

Mike Giammaressi, Jim Hall, Ralph Campbell and Montey Causey came in eighth with a score of 130-135—265.

Wilson McDonald, Brian Rowell, Stacey Jones and Richard Corley teamed up for a ninth place ranking with a score of 127-140—267.

Placing 10th were Josh Broadway, Roy Papa, Alex Quintard and Bob Hubbard with a 133-135—268.

Tied at 11th with a 269 total were Team 5 and Team 18. Scott Strohmeyer, Chris Riley and Bob Deslisle made up Team 5 with a score of 132-137—269. Members of Team 18 were Jacob Harper, Josh Wild and Joel Folmer, 128-141—269.

Thirteenth was Nick Rausey, Mark Osteen, Derek Minch and Jeff Sullenger with a score of 131-139—270.

Tied for 14th were Team 15 and Team 6 at 272. Members of Team 15 were Michael Anaud, Cory Fosdyk, Jason Alley and Charlie Crisswell, 136-136—272. Team 6 was made up of Connor Pratt, Jim Wheller, Ron Kirk and Keith Rehder, 142-130—272.