DOUBLE TAKE: And the winner is? College Football Playoff

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The Destin Log
Matt Algarin and Andrew Metz

Matt's Take:

The Great Oz has spoken.

Okay, so maybe the college football playoff committee isn't the Great and powerful Oz, but sometimes it seems like they are hiding behind a curtain pulling all the strings.

So the playoff teams have been set, and honestly I feel the committee "got it right."

The Clemson Tigers, Alabama Crimson Tide, Michigan State Spartans and Oklahoma Sooners have a chance to lift the championship trophy.

All of these teams are conference champions, whether they had to play in a championship game or not. We can't hold the lack of a championship game against Oklahoma (here's looking at you Big 12).

As for the matchups in the second College Football Playoff, Clemson (No. 1) and Oklahoma (No. 4) are paired up, while Alabama (No. 2) and Michigan State (No. 3) will party.

Clemson is a good team and it should be a great game with the Sooners, but I honestly see Oklahoma coming out victorious. Sure, the 40-6 drubbing Clemson put on the Sooners last season is still fresh, but Oklahoma is a much better team than that now.

Looking at the other half, the last time Alabama played Michigan State, they spanked them 49-7 in the 2011 Capital One Bowl. Don't expect to see the Tide put up 49 on the Sparty defense.

I still think Alabama has the offensive fire power to outscore Michigan State. Crimson Tide win by a touchdown.

Anyone excited about an Alabama and Oklahoma championship game? Well, Crimson Tide fans won't be too excited after the final whistle.

The Sooners' Baker Mayfield is special and I think he has enough tricks and speed to top Alabama. 

Andrew’s Take:

They got it right!

Well, almost. The Oklahoma Sooners should be ranked ahead of the Michigan State Spartans, but I’ll take the inclusion of the appropriate teams over the lack thereof.

I had accepted that every December would bring controversy. I assumed that at least one deserving college football team would inevitably be excluded from the four-team format. But, as a proponent of the eight-team system, I can say that this year worked out perfectly.

The only team not included in this year’s College Football Playoff that has a semi-legitimate claim is Ohio State. But simple “deduction,” if you’re a reasonable person, will lead you to understand that Clemson, Alabama, Michigan State and Oklahoma make for the perfect playoff.

So, who wins?

On New Years Eve, we get to watch No. 4 Oklahoma against No. 1 Clemson first.

The Tigers, and their undefeated record, have done nothing to make me believe that they are not deserving of the top ranking. They have defeated Notre Dame, Florida State and North Carolina.

When the Sooners are firing on all cylinders, they look unstoppable. But, they don’t always play that way.

Basically, in the Orange Bowl, I have to pick the team that is less likely to play their worst game. Clemson moves on to the championship.

The second game of the playoff features No. 3 Michigan State against No. 2 Alabama.

I have to mention the Spartans’ outstanding defense, but I watched the Big Ten Championship. If they can barely make it past Iowa, they can’t keep up with Nick Saban for four quarters.

So, Alabama and Clemson. Who wins?

Alabama. I know I just explained my logic to you, but I could have made this column one sentence long: “Alabama is going to win the national championship because they are the best team in the country.”