Rudy 'T' talks to Marlins

Tina Harbuck
Rudy "T" gives an inspirational talk to the Destin basketball players.

Rudolph “Rudy” Tomjanovich, Jr. stopped by Destin Middle School Wednesday afternoon to talk with members of both the girls and boys basketball team. Tomjanovich, known as “Rudy T” is an retired NBA basketball player and coach of the Houston Rockets. He was an All-Star forward for the Rockets and later led them to two consecutive NBA championships as their coach. He is currently a scout for the Los Angeles Lakers.

He told the Destin youth how it took a lot of practice and commitment on his part to accomplish all that he did.

He committed as a teenager, when he carved it into the side of his bed, to be the best basketball player he could be.

Rudy T talked the with kids for about an hour in the media center at the school.