DOUBLE TAKE: LeSean McCoy throws shade in Philly return

Matt Algarin and Andrew Metz
Matt Algarin and Andrew Metz

Matt’s Take:

Did anyone else think it was odd that LeSean McCoy was the only captain sent out to midfield prior to Buffalo’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday?

Perhaps it was just one of Rex Ryan’s “mind games?” Perhaps Ryan was trying to psych out the Eagles, who McCoy played for, before being traded by Eagles coach Chip Kelly?

Whatever it was, it was awkward.

Speaking of awkward, McCoy’s decision to pucker up and put his lips on the Eagle’s logo at midfield definitely was puzzling. Perhaps another mind game?

I’m not sure we’ll ever know. But to steal slang from the cool kids, apparently McCoy was salty. Not only was McCoy living up to his “shady” nickname prior to the game, where he went on record saying he wasn’t going to shake Kelly’s hand or speak to him.

McCoy came off as quite the drama queen before the game ever kicked off. But, after the game was over, he took it further, as he stormed off the field.

The NFL, and sports for that matter, is full of prima donnas, so we shouldn’t be surprised that McCoy was plenty salty after the game. But when you’ve had the success he has, and all the money that comes along with it, perhaps McCoy could at least pretend to be civil.

As a fan, I get sick and tired of seeing and reading about these spoiled athletes who couldn’t play nice if they were forced to spend an entire day together. It’s sad.

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to bash McCoy. I don’t think he’s a bad person, but perhaps he needs a little lesson in respect — or forgiveness.

Instead of being a salty, spoiled brat, perhaps McCoy should spend more time giving back. If you haven’t seen his meeting with an Eagles fan through the Make-A-Wish program, it’s what sports should be about.

Andrew’s Take:

Is there anyone in the NFL more dramatic than LeSean McCoy?

On Sunday, when McCoy leaned over and kissed the Philadelphia Eagles’ logo, it was confusing.

What was he trying to prove? Allegiance to an organization that didn’t value him? Apathy toward a team that has embraced him?

Okay, we get it. McCoy’s from Pennsylvania, he played at the University of Pittsburgh and playing for the Philadelphia Eagles was a fairy tail. Now he’s butt hurt because his beloved team traded him to the Buffalo Bills.

It’s Week 14. Get over it.

If you caught any of McCoy’s return to Lincoln Financial Field, you probably witnessed at least one awkward moment.

Besides slipping the turf some tongue, there was also an intimate embrace of Jeffrey Lurie where McCoy palmed the back of the Eagles’ owner’s head like a basketball.

Then, when the Bills lost, McCoy stormed off the field to an on-camera temper tantrum.

I would ask, “What the hell is he thinking?” but I know that’s losing battle. McCoy isn’t thinking, at least not clearly. His sentiments are reactionary. After beginning his career in the ideal setting, it’s now less-than and he has to be a normal person. His life isn’t perfect, and he has to find a way keep himself happy.

With so many millions of dollars, how could he ever be happy?

McCoy no longer has to endure the scrutiny of Philadelphia sports fans. It sounds like the Eagles did him a favor to me. He is a baby. His success lead his career in a direction that’s not perfectly comfortable, and he’s too insecure to handle his life appropriately.

Let’s draw the line. We’ve seen his return Philly and now he’s received all the attention he deserves.

Otherwise, we’re just fanning the flames. The Eagles aren’t going to the Super Bowl and the Bills aren’t even going to make the playoffs. Let’s pay attention to the players/teams that have earned it.