Destin Rockets split in Pensacola Jambo

Special to The Log

After dropping the first game in the Pensacola Jambo this past weekend, the Destin Rocket Lacrosse U-15 team bounced back to finish off the day with a big win.

In the first game, Destin got beat by powerhouse team, Pensacola Patriots, by a score of 9-2.

The game started off with a faceoff by Tyler Kersanac and a quick pass to Ethan Edwards. The defense players, Joey Albert, Rhett Robinson and Evan Motter saw way to much action. Sawyer Henderson was able to block two attempts at goal but at the end of the half, Destin trailed 4-0 to Pensacola.

Destin’s Avery Moore faced off to begin the second half. Lucas Gauch was able to put two shots in the goal for the Destin Rockets. Pensacola continued to find the back of the goal putting five in the net, for a 9-2 finish.

After the loss, the Rockets were determined against Mobile Mavrick’s.

Kersanac took the face-off and immediately gained possession and ran down the field for the first goal of the game. Destin’s Gauch came out strong with a left handed shot into the goal. Kersanac charged down for another goal. Moore took his turn and was able to sink two goals in the pocket. Kersanac then came from behind the goal and took a left handed shot for another goal.

Dominic Annichiarico out played the Mobile defense and slammed a shot into the bottom right corner. At half time, Destin led 7-0 over Mobile.

To start the second half, Destin won the face off for a quick pass to Gauch, who dropped in a goal for the Rockets. Kersanac scored with assistance from Aaron Motter. Gauch scored twice for Destin followed by a great behind the back toss by Aaron Motter for a goal. Sailor Anderson finished out the game with a tight drive to the right corner for the final goal and a 13-1 victory.

Destin Rockets are coached by Justin Ong and Wayne Motter.

The Rockets will travel to Mississippi this weekend for another tournament. For more information, visit