McLendon Builders cut down Heritage Tree Services

Tina Harbuck

Brandon Patzig knocked in seven runs to lead McLendon Builders in a 35-24 win over Heritage Tree Services in the Men’s Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Patzig hammered out a homer, three doubles and a two singles for seven RBIs.

At the end of two innings, McLendon was on top 13-8 and by the end of four innings; they had pulled away 28-20.

David Nelson ripped a homer, double and two singles for six RBIs for McLendon. Chuck Ball hit three singles for two RBIs. Chase McInnis hit two homers and Brian Martinez, one.

Donnie Montry homered, doubled and hit two singles for four RBIs for Heritage. Frank Kaesser connected for four singles, and Hewie Hewlett smacked two home runs, a double and a single for five RBIs. Chris Tarplee and Jamie Steiner each hit home runs.

X-treme 30, Scared Hitless 14

X-treme had two big innings, scoring 12 in the first inning and 11 in the third. They managed to put the game away in five.

Drew Pinckerly connected for five hits for three RBIs for X-treme. Chris Poole hit two triples and two singles for three RBIs, and Jamie Steiner ripped a home run, double and two singles for five RBIs. Chris Terry belted two homers, while Matt Reich and Josh Snyder each hit one.

Mike Looney led Scared Hitless with a double and two singles. Dale Smith homered and doubled for three RBIs, and John Gillette homered and doubled for two RBIs. Chase McInnis and Jordan Brewer each clobbered a home run.

Sun South 31, 30 Aces 24

Josh Livingston led Sun South with two home runs and two singles. Rob Cariaia and Nick Roxby each hit a home run, double and a single. Chad Betts also hit a home run.

Jude Stogwe hit two homers and a single for 30 Aces. Jameson Haeushawt homered and hit two singles, while Nate Henderson doubled and hit two singles.

Next Level Photography 18, Beer Necessities 13

Terry Smith was tops for Next Level with a home run, double and two singles. Frank Owens and John Franklin each tripled, doubled and hit two singles.

Jared Rogers tripled and hit two singles for Beer. Andy Poveda doubled and hit two singles, and Caleb Midget tripled, doubled and singled.