Blind Shots slip by TayGray Photography

Tina Harbuck

Kurt Haynes pounded out five hits to lead Blind Shots in a 24-22 victory over TayGray Photography in Coed Softball League action at Morgan Sports Center on Wednesday.

Haynes blasted a grand slam, two doubles and two singles for six RBIs.

Throughout the game, Blind Shots stayed just a couple of runs behind but then pulled it off in the last inning to take the win.

Michael Haynes clobbered two homers and two doubles for six RBIs, and Becky Eiler hit three singles. Chris Moore also belted a home run.

Marc Bergerstock was tops for TayGray with a home run, triple, double and two singles for three RBIs. Chad Ashton homered and hit three singles, and Amber Destaven connected for three singles. Josh Snyder hit two home-run shots and Austin Jessup one.

TayGray Photography 21, VETSports 12

TayGray jumped out to a 10-5 lead in the first inning and never looked back.

Austin Jessup knocked a home run, triple and a double for four RBIs for TayGray. Marc Bergerstock tripled and singled for four RBIs, and Chad Ashton hit three singles.

Ron Mann led VETSports with a home run, double and a single for four RBIs. Cody Maddox doubled and hit three singles for an RBI, and Taylor Byers connected for three singles.

Fenders 21, Emerald Coast Alarms 3

Fenders dominated taking a 16-1 lead in the first three innings. The game was over in five.

Davey Bazylak knocked in seven RBIs for the Fenders on a grand slam, triple, double and a single. Laura Mosley hit three singles, and David Beard doubled and hit two singles.

Brandon Crumbley doubled and singled for two RBIs for Emerald Coast. Natalie Crumbley and Mendy McIver each hit two singles.

Merica 21, Emerald Coast Chiropractic 15

Down 9-4, Merica came back in the third with the 10-run limit to take the lead.

Big hitters for Merica were Justin Lind with two doubles for three RBIs, and Matt Reich with a double and two singles for three RBIs. Jamie Steiner clobbered a home run.

John Corlew hit two doubles and a singled for four RBIs for Chiropractic. Teresa Degranges hit two singles for three RBIs, and Shawn Woods singled and doubled for three RBIs.

Fenders 20, 30A Company 13

At the end of three innings, Fenders led 7-5 and then bumped it to 16-11 by the end of five.

Chris Edmondson was the big stick for Fenders with a home run, triple and two singles for seven RBIs. Laura Mosley hit three singles for an RBI, and Aaron Bradley connected for two doubles for two RBIs.

Scott McLeod led 30A with two doubles and a single for an RBI. James Foerster doubled and singled for an RBI, and Brittany Forester doubled for an RBI. Josh Ring blasted two home runs.

LuLu’s 17, HOA’s 3

LuLu’s started strong, scoring the 10-run limit in the first inning.

Big hitters for LuLu’s were Paula Emory with a double for two RBIs and Jimmy Morter with a triple for two RBIs.

Ken Wampler led HOA’s with two singles for three RBIs.

Driftwood Estates 15, Navigators 5

At the end of four innings, Driftwood led 9-4.

Kyle Boyer hit a home run and a single for three RBIs for Driftwood. Nicole Brenay doubled and Jordan Locke tripled for two RBIs.

April Marcell hit an inside-the-park home run and a single for two RBIs for Navigators. Rich Ritnour tripled for an RBI.

LuLu’s 15, Driftwood Estates 9

LuLu’s led 6-3 at the end of three and then finished strong with four runs in the sixth and three in the seventh.

Matt O’Hair tripled, doubled and singled for four RBIs for Lulu’s. Sean Choloupka homered and hit two doubles for eight RBIs. Michelle Haggerty singled.

Kyle Boyer connected for two doubles and two singles for three RBIs for Driftwood. Ken Johnson doubled and singled, and Amy Johnson singled.