TayGray Photography clicks off two victories

Tina Harbuck | The Destin Log

TayGray Photography recently posted two victories on the softball field with a 30-20 win over Fenders and a 22-10 victory over Having Fun Yet? in the Coed Division I Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

In the win over Having Fun Yet?, TayGray came on strong in the fourth inning, scoring the 10-run limit for a 16-6 lead. TayGray managed to finish it off in six innings.

Josh Snyder was tops for TayGray with three doubles and a singled for four RBIs. Chad Ashton doubled and hit two singles for four RBIs, while Angela Coteat hit two singles for two RBIs and Taylor Gordon hit two singles for an RBI.

Michael Haynes blasted two home runs for four RBIs for Having Fun. Micah Priest hit three singles for an RBI, and Jen Phillips singled. Austin Jessup belted a two-run homer.

In their second game, TayGray took a 10-7 lead over Fenders in the first three innings. In the fourth, TayGray scored eight runs and held Fenders to four. TayGray finished with a bang scoring 10 runs in the top of the sixth for a 30-20 win.

Snyder knocked in six runs for TayGray on two triples, a double and a single. Shardea Hernandez hit four singles for an RBI, and Marc Bergerstock hit three doubles and a single. P.J. O’Connell and David Holifield each hit home runs.

Anna Cordova batted three singles for Fenders. Chris Edmonsond hit two singles for two RBIs, and Aaron Bradley hit two singles for an RBI.

• Almighty Installations 18, Merica 17

At the end of three innings, Almighty was up 10-7. Almighty went on to score six in the fourth and two in the fifth for the win.

Jaymeson Foerster doubled and singled for an RBI for Almighty. Jobina Johnson hit two singles, and Todd Preston doubled and singled for two RBIs. Jamie DeBenedetto and Justin Nunley each slapped home runs.

Justin Lund led Merica with a triple, two doubles and a single for two RBIs. Matt Reich doubled and hit three singles for an RBI, and Amy Holt singled for two RBIs.

• Advanced A/C and Heating 22, Emerald Coast Chiropractic 12

Advanced A/C took an early 9-3 lead in the first two innings and held on for the win.

Mario Devito belted a triple, double and three singles for five RBIs for Advanced A/C. Shane Decker tripled, hit two doubles and two singles for an RBI, and Dena Klosterman doubled and hit three singles for two RBIs.

Clint Clemons led Emerald Coast with a home run, triple and a double for three RBIs. Teresa Desgranges tripled, doubled and singled for an RBI, and Susie Pierce hit three singles. Don Edwards slapped a home run.

• Having Fun Yet? 32, 30A Company 7

Having Fun dominated from start to finish with 10 runs in the first and fourth innings. They scored four runs in the second and eight in the third.

Michael Haynes knocked in five runs for Having Fun on a home run, double and two singles. Jamie Phillips doubled and hit two singles for an RBI, and Ryan Grandstaff hit three singles for two RBIs. Tom Pitroff cracked out a home run.

Adam Vafides pounded out a homer and a single for an RBI for 30A. Josh Ring connected for three singles, and Lindsey Cannon singled.