WOB Skwad wins over Pressure Washing

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Jason Young connected for five hits to lead The WOB Skwad in a 21-6 win over Performance Pressure Washing in the Coed Division II Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Young ripped a triple, double and three singles for three RBIs.

Down 9-3 after two innings, Skwad battled back with four runs in the third and then 10 in the fourth.

Josh Snyder slapped a home run, a double and two singles for Skwad, while Trevor Gray homered and hit two singles.

Dennis Fabacker tripled, hit two doubles and a single for two RBIs for Performance Pressure Washing. James McLemore tripled and hit two singles for an RBI, and Ben Brewer hit three singles.

Chosen Heating and Cool 24, Performance Pressure Washing 12

At the end of three innings, Chosen was on top 17-7 and managed to put the game away in five innings.

Chan Randolf clobbered two home runs and two doubles for an RBI for Chosen. Blaine Watkins and Geoff Goodsell each belted a home run, triple and two doubles for two RBIs.

James McLemore homered and hit two doubles for two RBIs for Performance. Leana Chandenyson and Cameron Flynn each hit two singles for an RBI.

Hooters 17, LuLu’s 6

Hooters started strong putting up 10 runs in the first inning. They went on to score two in the second, three in the fourth and two in the fifth and sixth innings.

Suzi Rimes hit an inside-the-park home run, triple and a single for Hooters. Ashton Crowe connected for two singles and Rod Stewart hit two doubles.

Sean Chaloupka hit two doubles for LuLu’s. Chas Skinner hit two singles, and Melissa Wride Flur doubled and singled.

Emerald Coast Alarms 14, Bubba Gump’s 11

After three innings, Emerald Coast had a sizeable 11-4 lead. Bubba Gump’s came back to score two in the fourth and five in the sixth before time ran out on the game.

Michelle Williams and Greg Vernon each hit two singles for Emerald Coast.

Kyle Whitney slapped a home run and a double for Bubba Gump’s. Jordan Locke and Jeanine Rousso each hit two singles.