Bubba Gumps takes down WOB Skwad

Tina Harbuck | 315-4466 | @DestinLogTina |

Jordan Locke connected for four hits to set the pace for Bubba Gumps 16-15 win over WOB Skwad in the Coed Division III Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Locke hit four singles for two RBIs in the six-inning contest.

At the end of three innings, Bubba Gumps was up 10-3. Skwad rallied in the fourth with nine runs to close the gap with Bubba still on top 14-12. Bubba added two in the fifth to hold on for a 16-15 win.

Ken Johnson hit two singles for Bubba, while Steve Cline doubled and hit two singles for four RBIs.

Daniel Shraub hit three doubles for two RBIs for Skwad. Leslie Wilson hit two doubles and a single for three RBIs, and Chris Little John connected for three singles for three RBIs.

Hooters 16, Performance Pressure Washing 11

Hooters jumped out to a 9-5 lead in the second inning and picked up four more runs in the third to go up 13-9.

Kevin Churchill cranked out a home run and a double for Hooters. Rodney Loftkin hit two singles and Ashton Crowe doubled and singled.

Brandon Brookshaw doubled and singled for Performance, while Amber Colbeth hit two singles.