Stu’s Pro Painting rolls over Frankfurt law

Tina Harbuck | 315-4466 | @DestinLogTina |
McCarver Dahlman shoots for Stu's Pro Painting in the first half. Dahlman scored six points in the 17-12 win over Frankfurt Law in the 5/6 division of the Destin Youth Basketball League at the Destin Community Center. TINA HARBUCK/THE LOG

With four players scoring, Stu’s Pro Painting posted a 17-12 win over Frankfurt Law in the 5/6 year old competition in the Destin Youth Basketball League at the Destin Community Center over the weekend.

Max Thomas led Stu’s with seven points, all in the first half. Checking in with six points was McCarver Dahlman. Stephen Riggs scored three and Hamilton Martin chipped in one point.

Stu’s led 13-12 at the half and then pulled away in the second for the win.

Top scorer for Frankfurt was Lucas Harrington with seven points. Logan Smith scored three and Lucille Frankfurt two points.

In other 5/6 action:

Bubba Gump 20, Wild Willy’s 11

Bubba led 16-7 at the half.

William Horin led Bubba Gump with 10 points. Ethan Thomas scored four, Harper Reynolds three, Anthony Kirby two and William Hernandez one.

Bentlee Bailey led Wild Willy’s with five points. Jordan Galloway scored four and Connolly Barcus scored two.

ALP Lawn and Landscaping 18, Gulf Coast Electric 4

Zai’Shawn Brown was tops for ALP with eight points. Kade Komino scored four. Chipping in two points each were King Clemons, B.J. Walthour and Cruz Bryant.

Dalton Aaron and Malachi Grimes each scored two points for Gulf Coast.

Kidz 4 Kidz 22, Payne Chiropractic 13

Jack Harrell was high-point player for Kidz with 15 points. James Espy scored five, while Davidson Lee and Charlotte Shepherd each scored one.

David Feczko scored six for Payne and Michael Mims four. Barrett Daniels chipped in two points, and Jayden Rigsby one.

Ages 3/4

McGovern O’Dell and Associates 21, Bote 13

Nik Baturyn hit double-digits for McGovern with 12 points. Jax O’Dell scored the other nine.

Drew Tedder scored five for Bote. Scoring four each were Lilly Tedder and Tripp Cox.

Frankfurt Law 40, Bubba Gump 34

The first half of play was close with Frankfurt leading 20-18 at the break.

Scoring in double-figures for Frankfurt were Henry Frankfurt with 16 points and J.B. Martin with 11. William Day scored five and Jackson Hohn hit for four. Scoring two each were Rohan Kapur and Sameera Kapur.

Luke Horin led Bubba Gump with 11 points. Nolan Holstein scored nine and Thatcher Sommerville six. Nash Fosdyck scored four and Ryder Pritchard and Madelyn Mohamed each scored two.

Ages 7/8

Salvati’s Pizza 34, Wood and Associates PA 30

Salvati’s led 18-14 at the half.

Brayden Waters was on fire for Salvati’s with 18 points. Carter Phillips scored eight, Mason George six and Hayden Barcus two.

Isaac Holbrook led Wood with 12 points. Roland White scored six, while Alex Srneck and Carter Dallman each scored four. Jaden Fair and Isabella Riggs each chipped in two points.

Northwest Florida Fair 16, Fudpucker’s 10

Griffin Cann scored six for Northwest, while Caden Job and Brody Harrell each scored four. Cooper Wood hit for two.

Scoring two each for Fud’s were Calvin Blackman, Maddox Mason, Aaron McDowell, Ethan Holstein and Owen Atkins.

Frankfurt 1031 Exchange 27, 10

Frankfurt was led by Dane Warren with eight points. Nolan Dooly scored six, while Charlie Frankfurt and Charlie Perkins each scored four. Wesley Hall scored three and Sean Simon, two.

Cameron Kerns scored four for Putting up two points each were James Campbell, Ethan Onslow and Jacky Rogers.

Century 21 Blue Marlin 30, Destin Firefighters 24

Brock Dugan was tops for Century with 16 points. Dylan Malinowitzer scored eight, Antonello Alve four and Easton Bracket two.

Ebner Ingram scored 12 for Firefighters. Scoring six each were Ethan Chance and Bentley Partlowe.

Ages 9/10

Signchick Signs 19, Goodyear Wingfoot 16

Jacob Castle scored nine for Signs. Christian Harnish scored four, Andrew Atkins three and Liam McNeil two.

Baylen Knox made nine points for Goodyear. Kelwin Tsao scored three while James Boykin and Elaina Perkins each chipped in two.

Fat Daddy’s Arcade 35, AJ’s 20

Price Bowen was high-point player for Fat Daddy’s with 11 points. Jaxson LaPointe scored eight. Putting up four each were Zachary Thomas, Dean Redmond and McKenzi Toth. Haven Hughes and Travis Espy each scored two.

Brick Larabee scored 14 for AJ’s. Braxton Faith scored four and Mario Barragan chipped in two.

Fudpucker’s 32, Wood and Associates 10

Nick Laskaskie scored nine for Fud’s and Gavin Garrity eight. Noah Mason scored five and Allen Binkley hit for two points.

Noah Lynch scored six for Wood and Jessica Pierce four.

Golf Garden 10, Seaside Spine 6

Landon Ullrich scored six for Golf while Will Blanchard and Audrey Brown each tossed in two points.

Scoring two each for Seaside were Bryce Dugan, Garrett Fulmer and Brian Torres.

Donut Hole 20, Suntrust Mortgage 17

Wyatt Wainwright hit double-digits for Donut Hole with 10 points. Erik Scott scored five, Braxton Beard three and Maddox Hayles two.

Hayes Wright led Suntrust with seven points. Mason Wetzel scored five, Gunnar Smith four and Connor Dooly one.

Ages 11/13

Harbor Capital 44, Blanken Management 19

Scoring in double-digits for Harbor was Spencer McKenzie with 12 and Blake Rigdon 11. Aidan Beyhl scored seven, Shawn DeFault six and Griffin Moore four. Scoring two each were Anthony Perillo and James Ball.

Luis Figueroa scored 13 for Blanken. Putting up two each were Isaiah Batarao, Jaxson Steffen and J. Cole Riche.

Bubba Gump 29, Trustmark Bank 17.

Hudson Cook tossed in 13 and Zeke Oswald 12 for Bubba Gump. Kruz Watson chipped in four.

Aiden Garrity made 10 points for Trustmark and Parker Seagle five. Scoring one each were Preston Murphy and Kireh Bright.

Executive Air 33, Gameday Pizza 21

Logan Cann was tops for Executive with 13 points. Trey Rahilly scored eight and Carston Phillips six. Ian Mollihan scored four and Chris Garland two.

Jandel Gadea scored nine for Gameday and Miacheol Coppola eight. Tossing in four each were Debra Campbell and Eason Ingram. Nathan Stepp scored two points.