Free Agents collect on Clemenza’s

Tina Harbuck

Travis Carroll knocked in eight runs to lead Free Agents in a 35-22 win over Clemenza’s of Uptown in Coed Division I Softball action at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Carroll clobbered three home runs, a double and a single for eight RBIs.

Free Agents started strong with nine runs in the first inning and then the 10-run limit in both the second and third innings. Clemenza’s had a 15-run surge in the last inning, where runs are unlimited.

Tiny Lee hit two doubles and three singles for four RBIs for Free Agents. Jordan Brewer belted a home run, triple, double and two singles for five RBIs.

Chris Moore was the big stick for Clemenza’s with a grand slam, plus two more home runs for six RBIs. Nikki Webb doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs, and Joseph Feltner hit three singles for an RBI. Nelson Campbell also hit a grand slam and Matt Campbell a homer.

TayGray Photography 26, Tailfins Merica 12

TayGray led 9-3 at the end of two innings and 17-12 after four. In the fifth, TayGray picked up six more runs and then three in the sixth for the win.

Josh Snyder led TayGray with three homers and two doubles for four RBIs. Marc Bergerstock homered, doubled and hit three singles for four RBIs, and Shardae Hernandez tripled and hit two singles for two RBIs.

Hannah Asprodites hit two doubles and a single for Tailfins.


Emerald Coast Chiropractic 16, La Paz 15

The first half of the game was close with Chiropractic trailing 9-6 at the end of five innings. In the bottom of the sixth, Chiropractic rallied scoring the 10-run limit to take the lead. La Paz came up short in the top of the seventh with six runs.

Don Edwards was tops for Chiropractic with a homer, double and a single for two RBIs. Todd Preston hit two doubles and a single for three RBIs and Kat Mortenson doubled.

Donnie Montry hit three singles for La Paz for three RBIs. Brad Desgranges tripled and singled for an RBI, and Missy Elliott singled for an RBI. Joe Livingston belted a home run.

La Paz 25, Wing Stop 19

La Paz led 13-5 at the end of three innings. Wing Stop had a big inning in the bottom of the fifth scoring 10 runs.

Joey Binaca connected for a home run and a double for six RBIs for La Paz. Joey Livingston hit two inside-the-park home runs for four RBIs, and Tiny Lee doubled and hit two singles for four RBIs.

Ace Crank knocked in six runs for Wing Stop on two doubles and two singles. Ron Norville homered and hit two singles for three RBIs and Kristin Georgen doubled.