Misfits key up win over Destin Locksmithing

Tina Harbuck

Misfits took the early lead and then held on for a 7-6 win over Destin Locksmithing in the Coed Division II Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Misfits led 6-1 after two innings and picked up one more run in the fifth. Locksmithing scored two in the third and then three in the sixth. Misfits held them scoreless in the top of the seventh for the win.

Casey Leirer led Misfits with a double and two singles for an RBI. Brandon Brockshaw doubled for two RBIs, and Randy Kulka hit two singles.

Bethany Blyden hit two singles for two RBIs for Locksmithing, while Katie Wright tripled and doubled.

Beach Zone 22, Almighty Installations 21

Almighty led 11-4 at the end of two innings. Beach Zone battled back to pull off the one-run victory.

Hannah Asprodites led Beach Zone with a homer, two triples, two doubles and two singles for two RBIs. Chris Poole homered, tripled and doubled for an RBI. Zack Rays hit three triples.

David Beard had three triples for two RBIs for Almighty, while Allison Arreguin tripled for an RBI.

Healthsource Smokin Bases 17, Landsharks 15

Healthsource jumped out to a 10-1 lead in the first two innings and then picked up two in the fourth and five in the fifth for the win.

Micah Priest was the top batter for Healthsource with two home runs for five RBIs.

Matt Molina led Landsharks with a homer and a single for two RBIs. Jolie Kresmer hit two singles for two RBIs and Justin Hutchinson tripled for two RBIs.

Gold’s Gym 21, SoWal 10

Gold’s Gym dominated taking a 13-3 lead in the first three innings. They managed to put the game away in five.

John Henderson led Gold’s with two triples, three doubles and two singles for three RBIs. Marde McCurry tripled, hit two doubles and three singles for three RBIs.

Jerry Wright tripled and doubled for an RBI for SoWal. Zack Bends doubled and hit two singles for three RBIs.