Misfits edge out SoWal

Tina Harbuck
No matter the score, it's all about the fun in recreational softball at Morgan Sports Center. Misfits and SoWal finished up with some hand-slaps after Wednesday's coed softball game. [TINA HARBUCK/THE LOG]

Casey Leiper connected for three hits to lead Misfits in a 7-4 win over SoWal in the Coed Division II Softball League at Morgan Sports Center.

Leiper belted a home run, double and a single for an RBI.

Misfits led 5-0 at the end of three innings and then held on for the win.

Jake Klingler hit two doubles and a single for Misfits and Sam Senor connected for two doubles.

Zac Banks led SoWal with a triple and a single. Steve Cline and Doc Dameros each hit two singles.

Healthsource Smokin Bases 14, Nike 13

At the end of three innings, the game was deadlocked at 5-5. In the fourth, Healthsource edged ahead 11-10. In the bottom of the fifth, Healthsource picked up another run for a two-run lead.

In the top of the sixth, Nike got the advantage with three runs. However, Healthsource pulled it out in the bottom half with two runs.

Ryan Garcia led Healthsource with a home run, triple, double and a single for four RBIs. Mike Wright doubled and singled for an RBI, and Ryan James singled.

Rae Richardson doubled and hit two singles for three RBIs to lead Nike. Ken Delprinciple and Bruce Millsap each doubled and singled for an RBI.

Island Wings 18, Landsharks 5

Island Wings dominated from the beginning taking a 12-2 lead in the first three innings. The game was over in five.

Chris Edmonsond blasted a home run, double and a single for six RBIs for Island Wings. Chris Rubino hit two doubles and a single for five RBIs, and Courtney Stevens hit two singles for two RBIs.

Justin Hutchinson hit two doubles for Landsharks, while Matt Molina singled for two RBIs, and Sean Scott singled for an RBI.

Destin Locksmithing 25, Almighty Installations 5

Locksmithing led 13-3 after four innings and then finished strong with 12 combined runs in the last two innings.

Brandon Blyden was the big stick for Locksmithing with a double and four singles. Matt Wright hit three singles, and Katie Wright hit two singles.

David Beard and Adam Mooney each doubled and hit two singles for Almighty. Jamie Foerster hit three singles and Adam Foerster ripped a home run.