Destin runners place first, second on the trail

Tina Harbuck

Sophie Kellogg finished first to lead the Destin Marlin girls cross country team in capturing a win in a middle school meet with Bruner and Liza Jackson on Wednesday.

Kellogg finished the 2-mile event at 14:07. She was followed by Sara Crews at 14:12; Abigail Kline, 14:18; Nia Madrigal, 14:20; and Kida Bailey, 14:50.

The Destin boys came in second overall, just six points behind Liza Jackson.

However, Michael O’Leary, who fell in the first 100 meters, still managed to push ahead and come in first overall, 12:29, for the second week in a row.

O’Leary was followed by teammates Luke Bilger, who was second overall at 12:31; Cason Larocque, 12:58; Jake Purvis, 13:20; and Mason Brundidge, 13:31.

“Despite a confusing course, a rolled ankle (LJ Figueroa), and unseasonably warm conditions, our athletes finished strong against Liza and Bruner,” said Destin Coach Tina Barron. “Cason Larocque and Sara Crews each had an exceptional meet, as did many of their teammates. Caleb Reeder, Reed Phillips, Patrick Casey, and Tabious Thompson continue shaving their times and pushing each other to improve. Likewise, Katie Gilbert, Emily Kellogg, Kerry Seekamp, and Amelia Kline have demonstrated incredible gains this season.

“Our youngest athletes' commitment and enthusiasm are infectious, and we are excited to see them grow and refine their form and skills each week," she added. "Caroline Stanford, Stacie Roberson, Nelson Burke, and Jason Reyes are just a few of our newest additions who show significant promise. Liza is always a fierce competitor, and we look forward to running against them again next month at County.”