Destin powers up, ties with Pryor

Tina Harbuck

With friends and family yelling from the bleachers, and the thud of weights hitting the mats, more than 82 girls gave it their all pushing and lifting their way to be the best at the Beauty and the Beast Weightlifting competition held at Destin Middle School Monday afternoon.

When it was all said and done, the Destin Marlins and Pryor Pirates of Fort Walton Beach tied for first place with 65 points. The Bruner Spartans came in third and the Meigs Wildcats finished fourth.

The girls competed in bench press and clean and jerk, with each competitor getting the chance to do three bench presses and three clean and jerks for points.

Destin had four girls finish first in their weight classes while seven earned second place finishes.

In the 91-pound weight class, Destin Phoebe Barron placed first with a bench of 85 pounds and C&J of 90 for a total of 175 pounds.

Hannah Blanton took first in the 101-pound class with a total of 205 pounds, 100 on the bench and 105, C&J.

In the 110-pound class, two Destin athletes tied with a total of 200 pounds. Holyn Cate Henderson did 85 on the bench and 115 on the C&J for 200 pounds, while her teammate Kida Bailey, benched 95 and lifted 105 on the C&J for a total of 200. When there is a tie, it comes down to how much the athlete weighs. Henderson weighed four pounds less than Bailey, thus taking first place and Bailey, second.

Destin had another deadlock in the 129-pound class with Sam Sherer and Landry Fell both totaling 235 pounds. Sherer benched 110 and did 125 on the C&J, while Fell benched 115 and did 120 on the C&J. However, Sherer weighed five pounds less to take first place and Fell took second.

Destin’s Taylor Flint placed second in the 119-pound class with 100 on the bench and 130 on the C&J for a total of 230.

Ella Adams of Destin came in second with a total of 225 pounds in the 139-pound class. She benched 90 pounds and did 135 on the C&J.

Destin eighth grader Hannah Storey placed second in the 154-pound class with a total of 255 pounds. She benched 130 and did 125 on the C&J.

“I did 20 more pounds on the bench this year,” Storey said.

And she met her goal on the clear and jerk of 130 pounds.

“It’s really fun and exciting. Sometimes I get nervous. But it’s fun to compete,” Storey said.

Destin’s Mariah Manthey also earned a second place finish in the 169-pound class. She benched 115 pounds and did 125 on the C&J for a total of 240.

For Destin’s Emili Pendred, it was her first time in a weightlifting competition. But she pushed through and did well taking second place in the unlimited class. She benched 160 pounds and did 145 on the C&J for a total of 305.

“This was my first time,” said the seventh grader. “I never touched weights before this year.”

Bringing in the other second place finish for Destin was Ella Adams in the 139-pound class with 90 on the bench and 135 on the C&J for a 225 total.

Other Destin girls placing were Regan Palmer in the 139-pound class, third, 200 pounds total; Katherine Gilbert, 91-pound class, fourth, 110 pounds; Abigail Kline, 101-pound class, fourth, 145 pounds; Noel Crosby, 110-pound class, fifth, 190 pounds; Nia Madrigal, 119-pound class, fifth, 185 pounds; Sydney Neyendorf, 154-pound class, third, 250 pounds; Izzy Adams, 183-pound class, fifth, 175 pounds; and Allexus Coleman, unlimited class, third, 250 pounds.