Pool Shark, Emerald Coast Chiropractic advance

Tina Harbuck

Both Pool Shark and Emerald Coast Chiropractic won their games by one run to advance to the championship round of the Coed Division II Softball end of season tournament at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

The two teams will square off at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday on Field B at Morgan’s for the title.

Emerald Coast Chiropractic beat Emerald Coast Alarms 10-9 in round one and then Pool Shark clipped Ace in the Hole 30-29 in extra innings.

In the first game, Chiropractic took an early 4-3 lead in the first inning and then both teams went scoreless for two innings.

In the fourth, Emerald Coast Alarms picked up two runs and Chiropractic answered with four runs.

In the top of the fifth, ECA scored one and then another two in the top of the sixth to tie the game. Chiropractic answered in the bottom half with two runs and the lead.

In the top of the seventh, ECA only scored one run.

Big hitters for Chiropractic were Mike Henry with a triple and two singles for an RBI, Shawn Wood with a double and two singles for an RBI and Teresa Imdieke with three singles for two RBIs.

Brandon Blyden led ECA with a triple and a single for an RBI. Frank Kaessar doubled and singled for an RBI, Nic Reimer hit two singles for an RBI, and Casey Tetman singled.

In the second game, the game was tied three times before Pool Shark posted a 30-29 win in the bottom of the eighth over Ace in the Hole.

Ace took a 10-7 lead in the first inning. By the end of three, the game was knotted at 15-15.

In the fourth, Pool Shark pulled ahead with six runs and led 21-19 at the end of five.

In the sixth, Ace scored three runs and Pool Shark one for a 22-22 tie.

In the seventh, both teams scored two runs forcing the game in to a one-pitch extra inning game.

In the eighth, Ace scored five and Pool Shark answered with six for the win.

Michael Robbins was the top batter for Pool Shark with two triples, two doubles and two singles for two RBIs. Anthony Bartolo ripped a triple, two doubles and two singles for two RBIs, and Michael Cecil belted an inside the park home run, a triple and two singles for seven RBIs. Jen Robbins hit two singles for an RBI.

Andy Collins knocked in six RBIs on a home run, double and three singles for Ace. Tyler Stahlhut smacked a home run, triple and two singles for six RBIs, and Brittany Mainor hit four singles for two RBIs. Ron Norville cracked out a home run and three singles for two RBIs, and Casey Leirer homered, hit two doubles and a single for two RBIs.