Destin tennis teams secure another victory

Tina Harbuck

The Destin Marlins chalked up their third straight victory on the tennis courts Thursday afternoon at the Fort Walton Beach Tennis Center with a win over the Bruner Spartans.

The Destin boys won 7-0, while the girls pulled off a 4-3 victory.

Playing in the No. 1 spot for the Destin boys was Gates Chipser who beat Zack Simmering, 6-1. Destin’s No. 2 Eisley Ingram whipped Marcus McCray, 6-0.

Charlie Frankfurt, playing in the No. 3 spot, won his match 6-0 over Landon Burbidge. Palmer Robbins won by forfeit and then Vlad Stasenka beat Bruner’s Caden Williams 6-1.

As for boys doubles, Chipser and Ingram combined for a 6-0 win over Simmering and Burbidge.

“Communication,” was the key, Chipser and Ingram agreed.

“We were pretty consistent,” Chipser said.

“And we kept the ball in most of the time. I think we had some good serves today,” Ingram said.

Chipser managed to knock in a couple of aces.

Playing in the No. 2 doubles was Frankfurt and Robbins who combined for a 6-2 win over McCray and Williams.

In girl’s action, Destin managed to pull off the win as a team.

Destin’s No. 1, Elle Stubbs faltered 6-0 to Bruner’s Aaliyah Lucas, and Destin’s No. 2 forfeited giving Bruner another win.

In the No. 3 slot, Destin’s Gysel Nohrenberg won 6-2 over Bruner’s McKenzie Anderson. Abby Fortenberry, in the No. 4 spot, beat Amariyana Smith, 6-1, and Destin’s No. 5 GiGi Biro beat Allison Morse, 6-2.

To pull off the team win, the Destin girls needed to win at least one of the two doubles matches.

Destin’s Nohrenberg and Fortenberry didn’t disappoint. The Destin duo pulled off a 6-1 win over Sofia Andreozzi and Anderson.

“I felt like we communicated good,” Fortenberry said, noting this was their first time paired together for doubles.

Nevertheless they both agreed they played well together.

As for what worked best for them, Nohrenberg said, “hitting it straight down the middle and also Abby had really good backhands … better than mine actually.”

As for the other Destin doubles team, Stubbs and Biro, they battled but lost 6-4.

Destin Coach Brett Chipser said he looks for the three “Cs” when trying to pair up players for doubles — communication, chemistry and coverage.

“If they have those things they will work really good. If they don’t it’s going to fall apart,” he said.

But building that partnership doesn’t just happen.

“It takes time, getting to know each other and how they interact on the court and being able to communicate,” Chipser said.

So far the Destin Marlins seem to be hitting the three Cs.

Up next is a 4 p.m. match on March 28 in Crestview against the Davidson Panthers.

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