Destin Marlins clean up on the track and field

Tina Harbuck
Destin Middle School's Tabious Thompson, left, and Harrison Orr compete in the Boys 100-Meter Dash during Wednesday's 1A/2A middle school meet at Etheredge Stadium. [DEVON RAVINE/DAILY NEWS]

The Destin Marlins dominated and captured 15 first-place finishes in the Okaloosa County Middle School 1A Track and Field event at Joe Etheredge Stadium on Wednesday.

The Destin boys earned seven first-place marks and finished first overall with 137 points, while Liza Jackson came in second with 103 and Meigs third with 73.

As for the Lady Marlins they reeled in eight first place finishes for a first-place overall score of 172 points. Lewis came in second with 92 points and Liza Jackson third with 77.

In the boy’s competition, first-year discus thrower Paviil Baturyan took first in discus and set a personal record with a toss of 123.4.

When asked if he did anything different to achieve the distance he said, “Nothing really … I just bent my knees a little bit.”

Carter Tobik placed second in discus for the Marlins.

In the other field events, Destin’s Marcus Rockwell took first in the shot put, while Paviil Baturyan claimed second.

In long jump, Destin’s Jack Tenholder claimed third place.

In the running events, Harrison Orr took first in the 100-meter dash and second in the 200-meter.

Tabious Thompson took second in the 100-meter and first in the 200-meter dash

In the 400 meter dash, Destin’s Maddax Fayard took first.

In the 4x100 relay, the Destin team of Tenholder, Orr, Anthony Ordonez and Thompson took first place.

In the 4x400 meter relay, Destin’s Guilherme Marques, Trip Scannell, Orr and Fayard earned first place.

In the 800-meter sprint medley relay, Tenholder, Marcus Rockwell, Thompson and Abe Gomez placed second.

As for the girls, Emili Pendred took first place in the discus with a throw of 90 feet and 29.6 in shot put for the Marlins.

“That was a new PR in discus,” Pendred said.

In the shot put she said she just “finally got lucky.”

Trinity Treadway claimed second in the discus for the Marlins, while Vivian Natonio took second in the shot put.

Brianna Horne took first in the long jump for the Marlins with a leap of 15 feet setting a PR.

“I finally listened to what coach said,” Horne said.

“I stretched my legs out far and piked … and pulled my butt up,” she said.

Sara Crews took second in long jump.

In the running events, Destin’s Avery Emmick took second in the 100-meter dash and 200-meter dash. Emily Kellogg placed third in the 200-meter.

In the 400-meter dash, Carson Fayard earned a second place finish, while her teammate Chloe Lambreau finished third.

Sophie Kellogg took first in the 800-meter run and 1600-meter run, while her sister Sarah Kellogg took second in both events.

Amelia Kline finished third in the 800-meter and Crews took third in the 1600.

In the relay’s, the Lady Marlins took first across the board.

In the 4x100 relay, Amelia Kline, Emmick, Emily Kellogg and Yasmine DaRosa took first.

In the 800-meter sprint medley relay, Kline, DaRosa, Emily Kellogg and Fayard finished first.

In the 4x400-meter relay, Lambreau, Dorothy Romair, Crews and Fayard took first.