All Dressed Up with a championship ring

Tina Harbuck

The young girls of All Dressed Up Boutique have a new accessory to add to their wardrobe — a championship ring.

The All Dressed Up Boutique machine pitch girl’s softball team, made up of 7- to 9-year-olds, chalked up an 18-17 victory over the Frankfurt Exchange Bluejays in the championship game Tuesday night at Dalton Threadgill Little League Park in Destin. For their efforts, members of All Dressed Up received championship rings, while the Bluejays received medals for placing second.

What won it for All Dressed Up?

“Focus … the girls stayed focused,” said All Dressed Up Coach Joseph Jannazo.

“They’ve been working all year to get a little better. And from day one to now they earned this championship, by staying focused, working hard and coming to practices. I’m so proud of them,” Jannazo said.

The Bluejays went to bat first and pounded out eight hits for four runs. Connecting for hits were Luci Frankfurt, Shelby Plasier, Casey Cieutat, Maggie Hall, Ty Bell, Laykia Kitchens, Elyse Heymann and Uriah Kitchens.

All Dressed Up answered with the five-run limit in the bottom half. Connecting for hits and scoring were Kate Jannazo, Ann Harper Wright, Charley Hagood, Kira Shock and Mya Divens. Khloe Mixon and Brooks Wright also got hits.

In the top of the second, the Bluejays put three runs on the board. Heymann doubled and then Plasier slapped a home run. Cieutat and Hall hit back-to-back singles with Cieutat scoring. Bluejays led 7-5.

In the bottom half, All Dressed Up got the advantage back with four runs. Tessa Sanders singled and scored on a triple from Jannazo. Ann Harper Wright singled and scored as did Shock. Divens also connected for a double.

In the top of the third, the Bluejays went to work and put up the five-run limit. Hitting doubles were Elyse Heymann, Uriah Kitchens, Julia Carter and Emily Heymann. Plasier singled. Bluejays led 12-9.

All Dressed Up edged ahead with four runs. Putting the bat on the ball were Jannazo, Shock, Brooks Wright and Audrie Rivers. All Dressed Up led 13-12.

In the top of the fourth, the Bluejays evened the score with one run. Hall singled and scored on a hit from Elyse Heymann.

In the fifth, both teams put up four runs to keep the game tied. Cieutat belted a homer for the Bluejays and Plaiser tripled for an RBI. Big hitter for All Dressed Up was Ann Harper Wright with a double.

With the game deadlocked at 17-17 going into the sixth and final inning, the Bluejays failed to score in the top half.

In the bottom half, Jannazo singled and scored on a hit from Ann Harper Wright.

“Hats off to Mrs. Carrie’s team. They are champions and winners,” Coach Jannazo said of the Bluejay's coach and team.

Earlier in the evening, the Bluejays beat Coastal Beach Service 17-13.

All Dressed Up Boutique

Team members:

Kate Jannazo

Ann Harper Wright

Charley Hagood

Kira Shock

Mya Divens

Khloe Mixon

Brooks Wright

Tessa Sanders

Audrie Rivers

Coaches: Joseph Jannazo, Troy Mixon, Pete Wright and Eric Divens