U.S. Gold gymnasts place on state and national level

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U.S. Gold gymnasts (front row from left) are Madison Elliott, Lily Reese Henley, Hallie Blake, Annie Sarsfield, Kate Carollo and Maddox Cobb. Back row from left are 

Shelby Reaves, Kendall Spellings, Emma Schroeder, Presley Blackwell and Ella Isley. [CONTRIBUTED PHOTO]

U.S. Gold Gymnastics finished out the 2018-2019 USAG Jr. Olympic season with several state, regional and national victories. U.S. Gold is the only gymnastics club in the Panhandle to qualify gymnasts to Level 9 Eastern Nationals and Level 10 JO Nationals two years in a row.

Individual results are as follows:


10 – 10 ½ year old age division

Madison Elliott: State, 5th floor exercise, 9.4; 7th beam, 9.4; 10th vault, 8.9; 9th All Around, 36.275. Region, 4th beam, 9.525; 7th floor exercise, 9.475; 9th uneven bars, 9.175; 8th All Around, 37.15.

Anneliese Sarsfield: State, 9th beam, 9.35; 7th uneven bars, 9.025; 6th vault, 9.0; 6th All Around, 36.625. Region, 9th beam, 8.825; 17th All Around, 35.20.

10 ½ - 11 year old age division

Maddox Cobb: State, 2nd vault, 9.275; 5th uneven bars, 9.225; 10th beam, 9.4; 7th All Around, 37.175. Region, 3rd floor exercise, 9.6; 3rd uneven bars, 9.4; 5th beam, 9.425; 4th All Around, 37.45.

11 year old age division

Shelby Reaves: State, 3rd beam, 9.5; 7th uneven bars, 9.275; 10th floor exercise, 9.35; 7th All Around, 37.125. Region, 13th beam, 9.3; 14th All Around, 35.15.


14 year old age division

Kendall Spellings: State, 1st uneven bars, 9.5; 5th floor exercise, 9.4; 9th vault, 9.15; 4th All Around, 37.075. Region, 8th beam, 8.975; 12th All Around, 36.125.


12 year old age division

Lily Reese Henley: State, 2nd vault, 9.4; 8th uneven bars, 9.15; 10th beam, 8.75; 7th All Around, 36.175. Region, 3rd uneven bars, 9.4; 4th vault, 9.25; 8th beam, 9.35; 3rd All Around, 37.30.


13 year old age division

Ella Isley: State, 1st beam, 9.375; 3rd uneven bars, 9.525; 5th floor exercise, 9.3; 10th vault, 9.1; 1st All Around, 37.30. Region, 1st vault, 9.55; 3rd floor exercise, 9.55; 20th All Around, 35.575.

Hallie Blake: State, 1st uneven bars, 9.55; 5th vault, 9.175; 5th beam, 9.075; 10th floor exercise, 8.975; 4th All Around, 36.775. Regional, 10th beam, 9.05; 16th All Around, 35.975.


16 year old age division

Emma Schroeder: State, 1st vault, 9.85; 3rd floor exercise, 9.4; 4th uneven bars, 9.375; 8th beam, 8.85; 2nd All Around, 37.475. Regional, 16th uneven bars, 9.375; 20th All Around, 36.425.



Kate Carollo, age 11, of St. Mary’s Catholic School in Fort Walton Beach, won 5th All Around at the State Championships in Fort Meyers. Other results include: 3rd beam, 9.375; 5th vault, 9.275; 6th floor exercise, 9.4; and 10th uneven bars, 8.80. Carollo qualified for the Region 8 Regional Championships in Atlanta, Georgia in April where she won 4th place All Around, 37.4; 2nd floor exercise, 9.5; 4th vault, 9.5; 4th uneven bars, 9.475; and 9th beam, 8.925. This achievement qualified her for the Level 9 Eastern National Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana in May. In her very first Easterns, Carollo won 6th place All Around; 2nd uneven bars, 9.5; 7th floor exercise, 9.375; and 10th on vault, 9.425.


Presley Blackwell, age 14, from Headland Middle School in Dothan, Alabama, won 3rd place uneven bars, 9.025 and 7th in All Around, 34.075 at the State Championships in Fort Meyers. Blackwell qualified for the Region 8 Regional Championships in Atlanta where she competed injured and still won 7th place uneven bars, 9.627 and 20th All Around, 36.975. Since Blackwell had qualified for Level 10 Nationals the previous year, she was able to petition into the USA Jr Olympic Level 10 National Championships in Orlando in May. She had her best performance of the season where she won 8th place on the vault with a score of 9.55 and 9th place in the country on the uneven bars with a score of 9.45. Blackwell’s goal is to compete at the University of Alabama.