Kicking it up in the sand

Tina Harbuck

The Destin Middle School Marlins have added a new venue to their soccer camp this summer — the beach.

Instead of just kicking it on the grass, the campers have one day each week where they gather on the beach near James Lee Park to run drills and scrimmage.

“We added a beach day into the camp to get a little conditioning component built into the camp,” said Destin Marlin soccer coach Demetris Stevens. “Moving around on the soft sand is a lot different than running around on grass … we’re just trying to give them a little different environment and have a little bit of fun at the same time.”

The soccer camp started June 17 and will go through July 25. The campers meet three days a week from 10 a.m. until noon, one day at the beach and the other two on the soccer field at the middle school.

The whole idea behind the soccer camp is to give the players and prospective players “more time on the soccer ball over the summer, so they don’t spend so much time on the couch and not working on their skills,” Stevens said.

During the camp Monday, players worked through agility and speed drills in the sand followed by a little bit of movement with the ball and then played a small downsized game on the beach.

“If they can move around on the sand, they can move around really fast on the grass,” Stevens said.

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