Prime’d cashes in for win over Hancock

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The Destin Log
Michael Haynes knocked in seven runs for Prime'd in their 27-19 win over Hancock Whitney Bank. [TINA HARBUCK/THE LOG]

Michael Haynes knocked in seven runs to lead Prime’d in a 27-19 win over Hancock Whitney Bank in the Coed Division I Softball League at Morgan Sports Center.

Haynes blasted two home runs, a double and two singles for the seven RBIs.

Prime’d jumped out to an 8-5 lead in the first two innings. In the third, they picked up five more runs and then another three in the fourth.

Hancock had a big inning in the fourth, scoring the 10-run limit.

Prime’d answered with nine in the top of the fifth. Hancock came back with four in the bottom half.

With time running out, Prime’d scored two in the sixth and Hancock came up empty.

Natasha Dewald hit a triple, two doubles and a single for two RBIs for Prime’d and Jason Little connected for four doubles for three RBIs.

Todd Schrag and Maria Schrag each hit three singles for three RBIs for Hancock. Mike Jones knocked in two runs on three singles.

Bradley Textile Industrial 16, Kona Brew Crew 15

Top batter for Bradley was Bobby Griffith with a homer and three singles for five RBIs. Ryan Granstaff doubled and singled for three RBIs, and Aubrey Tyler hit three singles.

Cody Knowles led Kona with four singles for two RBIs. Michelle Eubanks hit three singles for an RBI, while Haley Johnson also hit three singles.