Stanley Security sinks Philip Cryar Marine

Tina Harbuck

Stanley Security put Philip Cryar Marine away 18-8 in Coed Division III Softball action at Morgan Sports Center.

Anthony Bartolo led Standley with a home run and five RBIs. Della Frey was good for four RBIs and Jim Huckabee knocked in three runs.

Top batters for Philip Cryar was Mike McGath with three RBIs, Ryan Cogan with two RBIs, and Danny Owens.

Tripshock 27, Fender Collision 24

Todd Duncan was the big hitter for Tripshock with two home runs. Ty Greenfield cranked out a home run as well. Joey Bianco also collected a couple of hits.

David Beard led Fender with a home run. Other top batters were Mike Emign and Cody Maddux.


Ocean’s Church 18, Emerald Coast Kayaks 7

Ocean’s started strong taking an 8-4 lead in the first two innings. In the top of the third, Ocean’s picked up four more runs.

Ocean’s put the game away in the top of the fifth with six runs.

Top batter for Ocean’s was Ty Faith.

Matt Wright led Kayaks.

Advanced Concrete 21, Regatta Bay 20

After trailing 16-9 at the end of four innings, Regatta Bay rallied in the fifth with seven runs. Advanced answered with three runs.

With time running out in the sixth, Regatta took to the lead with four runs, but Advanced pulled off the win with two runs in the bottom.