Emerald Coast Chiropractic pulls out victory

Tina Harbuck
Brandon Patzig of HarborWalk Marina rounds third base in a game against Team Boggy. Patzig connected for five hits and four RBIs in the 27-17 win. [TINA HARBUCK/THE LOG]

Mike Henry connected for four hits to lead Emerald Coast Chiropractic in a 27-24 win over HarborWalk Marina in the Coed Division II Softball League at Morgan Sports Center.

Henry ripped a double and three singles for four RBIs.

In the first two innings, HarborWalk jumped out to an 18-5 lead.

In the top of the third, Chiropractic scored six and HarborWalk answered with two in the bottom half.

In the top of the fourth, Chiropractic closed it down to a one-run game with eight runs scored.

With time running out, Chiropractic scored another eight runs in the fifth to take the lead.

HarborWalk tried to come back but could only muster four runs.

Don Edwards smacked a home run and two singles for three RBIs for Chiropractic, while Erin Hartsel tripled and hit two singles for two RBIs.

Jason Jamison had four singles and a double for three RBIs for HarborWalk. Brian Martinez blasted two home runs and a single for eight RBIs, and Megan Chaffee doubled and hit two singles for an RBI.

Team Boggy 22, My Pho King Dumpling 21

Team Boggy jumped out to a 12-6 lead in the first three innings and dominated throughout.

My Pho had their biggest inning in the bottom of the seventh with eight runs.

Jimmy Wonsick led Boggy with four hits including a home run and three RBIs. Megan Gaster had three hits for five RBIs, and Blake Donvan connected for four hits and an RBI.

Mike Ingram slapped a home run, plus three other hits for four RBIs for My Pho. Justin Coppack had four hits for three RBIs, and Steven Caballero connected for three hits for four RBIs. Blaine Watkins and Frank Kaesser each belted home runs.

HarborWalk Marina 27, Team Boggy 17

At the end of three innings, HarborWalk was on top 12-6.

In the fourth, HarborWalk scored five and Boggy answered with eight.

HarborWalk put the game away in the top of the fifth with 10 runs.

Brian Martinez was the big stick for HarborWalk with three home runs and a double for four RBIs. Brandon Patzig slapped a home run, two doubles and two singles for four RBIs. Chris Poole tripled and hit three doubles for an RBI and Megan Chaffee connected for four singles for two RBIs.

Jimmy Wonsick doubled and hit three singles for three RBIs for Boggy. Tate DeShong doubled and hit two singles for five RBIs, and Haley Early hit two singles for an RBI. Blake Donovan homered.

Emerald Coast Chiropractic 18, Ace in the Hole 7

Chiropractic stepped out to a 11-3 lead in the first three innings. In the fourth, they picked up four runs and then finished off with three in the fifth for the win.

Erin Hartsel led Chiropractic with four hits for two RBIs. Lee Pardue ripped a home run plus two other hits for four RBIs, and Matt Herbermann connected for three hits for four RBIs.

Andy Collins led Ace with three hits and three RBIs. CI Wells clobbered a home run and a single for three RBIs, and Ron Norville hit two singles.