Robbins Builders nail down win

Tina Harbuck
Palmer Robbins of Robbins Builders pushes the ball down the floor in a recent game at the Destin Community Center. Robbins scored six points in the 26-14 win over Half Shell Oyster House. [TINA HARBUCK/THE LOG]

Charlie Frankfurt tossed in 12 points to lead Robbins Builders in a 26-14 win over Half Shell Oyster House in the 9-11 age division of the city of Destin’s Youth Basketball League at the Destin Community Center.

Frankfurt scored six points in each half.

Scoring six points for Robbins was Palmer Robbins. James Campbell scored four, while Will Wortman and Hamilton Martin each tossed in two.

Logan Smith led Half Shell with six points. Scoirng four each were Holden Hughes and Parker Yates.

In other 9-11 action:

Himes Signs Corp 22, Taco Town FWB 18

Jabari Weeks fired up the nets for 20 points to lead Himes. ZaiShawn Brown scored two.

Jackson Ramsey scored six for Taco Town, while Kellen Ramsey hit for four. Chipping in two points each were Cannon Wilbur, Dylan Baughman, Brooks Chouinard, and Kohltan Ward.

Subway 25, Dynamic Pain and Wellness 14

Nathan Hiers was tops for Subway with 11 points. Cameron Cook scored six and King Clemons, four. Tossing in two each were Elias McCoy and Jonas Smith.

Xavier Crawford was high-point player for Dynamic with 12 points. Samuel Magee chipped in two.

Pristine Paint 29, Porath and Associates 12

Pristine was led by Sara Oakes with 11 points. Jayce Roberson scored eight, Jaden Fair, six and Ebner Ingram, four.

Brayden Waters was tops for Porath with six points. Calvin Blackman scored four and Jayden Phillips added two.

Ages 7-8

Frankfurt 1031 Exchange 12, Aaron’s Pool and Spa 2

Max Wortman led Frankfurt with six points. Henry Frankfurt scored four and Noah Finkler, two.

Bentley Reed scored the two points for Aaron’s Pool.

Subway 24, Imagine Data 8

Hitting double-figures for Subway was Jayden Rowell with 12 points. Jayven Brown scored eight, while Wyatt Kilpatrick and Mason Lipker each scored two.

Davidson Lee led Imagine with six points. Lilly Miller chipped in two.

McGovern, O’Dell and Associates 34, Emerald Coast Extreme Steam 0

Bentlee Bailey led McGovern with 18 points. Joseph Oakes scored 10. Jax O’Dell added four points and Logan Wright, two.

Age 5-6

DKM Custom Homes 25, Subway 19

Brock Sansom fired up the nets for 19 points for DKM. Walter Backes scored five and Dylan Murray contributed one point.

Carson Gregory led Subway with eight points. Jayden Mullins scored six, Tanner Reese three, and Brosnan Kramer two.

Dermatology Specialist 14, Championship Title 12

Scoring three points each for Dermatology were Talib Tate, John Sawyer McClain, Foster Alley and Ansleigh Reynolds.

Bentley Barnwell scored eight points for Championship, while Madison Peacock and Madeleine Baughman each contributed two points.

Labrada’s Home Improvement 29, Panera Bread 10

High-point player for Labrada’s was Jarvis Rickman with 16 points. Nora Reyes and Maximus Miller each scored three, while Ethan Feagin, Mason Mueller and Colin O’Bannon each scored two. Alexa Granados chipped in one point.

Miles Merritt scored four for Panera. Grayton Robbins hit for three points, Emmie Roberson two and Brooks Smith one.

O’Connell and Associates 28, Nathan Hall DMD 17

Warren Smith was tops for O’Connell with nine points. Scoring six each were David Burac and Knox Taylor. Henry Arth, Michael Guin and Abel Smith each contributed two points and Charlie Zielinski, one.

Raheem Culp was high-point player for Nathan Hall with 11 points. Eli Cooper scored three, Tiago Rella-Tillis two, and Liam Wolfe one.

Ages 3-4

Destin Insurance Group 26, O’Connell and Associates 18

Jonah Kuhlman led Destin Insurance with eight points. Easton Clevenger scored six. Contributed four each were Micahel O’Bannon and Adam Nagy. Bronwen Juneau scored three and Jacob Phillips one.

Scoring six each for O’Connell were Joan Sebastian and Wyatt Ullery. Maxim Larich scored five and Ace Hastings one.