Destin Marlins place third in weightlifting meet

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log
The Destin Log

Out of six schools participating, the Destin Marlins placed third overall in the boys and girls competition in the annual Beauty and the Beast middle school weightlifting competition held at Davidson Middle School in Crestview.

When it was all said and done Ruckel of Niceville placed first in both boys and girls. Other schools participating were Bruner and Pryor of Fort Walton Beach, Meigs of Shalimar and host school Davidson.

The teams competed in bench press and clean and jerk, with each competitor getting the chance to do three bench presses and three clean and jerks for points.

The girls took the floor first on Thursday afternoon.

In the 91-pound class, Destin’s Julianna Hock, an eighth grader, placed first and seventh grader Ashlyn Priest, in her first-ever weightlifting competition placed second.

In the 110-pound class, Destin eighth grader Olivia Payne took first.

Destin made a good showing in the 119-pound class with eighth graders Serenity Howard placing second and Blakeley York, third.

Gabby Kruse, a seventh grader, placed second in the 139-pound class, and eighth grader Shakirah Williams earned second in the 149-pound class.

MJ Toth, an eighth grader, placed fourth in the 101-pound class, while her teammate Adi English, a sixth grader, placed fifth.

Seventh grader Lilly Rudd placed sixth in the 129-pound class, while seventh grader Riley Palmer took fifth in the 159-pound class.

The boys hit the weights on Friday.

In the 91-pound classs, Destin eighth graders Jackson Burke and Cayden Dey placed fifth and sixth respectively.

In the 101-pound class, Connor Rising, a seventh grader, placed fifth.

Andrew Atkins, a seventh grader, placed second in the 110-pound class.

In the 119-pound class, Eli Anglin, a seventh grader, tied for third.

In the 129-pound class, Price Bowen, an eighth grader, placed third, and Matheus Barcellos, also an eighth grader, took fifth.

In the 139-pound class, Maddox Hayles, a seventh grader, placed third.

Eric Scott, an eighth grader, placed third in the149-pound class, while eighth grader Jared Cutts took fourth.

In the unlimited division, Destin’s Eli Sinkovich, an eighth grader, took sixth.