Shock'n Y'all hooks up with shark during Shark Week in Destin

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

Although this week has been Shark Week on the Discovery Chanel, every week in Destin could be shark week.

"We've got more shark than ever," said Capt. Neill Finkel of the Shock'n Y'all who specializes in shark fishing.

Finkel said shark are not hard to find and are a lot of fun for the fishermen to tangle with.

This angler from Arkansas poses for a few photos with a nurse shark hooked aboard the Shock'n Y'all earlier this week out of Destin.

This week he had a couple of shark trips. On a morning trip they managed to hook up with a tiger, bull and silky shark.

Anglers aboard the Shock'n Y'all hooked into a tiger shark this week while fishing out of Destin.

"They had a bunch of fun ... they tagged teamed them," Finkel said of the anglers from Birmingham, Alabama.

Birmingham anglers aboard the Shock'n Y'all hooked a bull shark, tiger shark and a silky on a trip this week out of Destin.

Then in the afternoon, his group from Arkansas hooked three nurse shark.

All shark were released.

"Besides a mako, I haven't killed a shark in 11 years," Finkel said.