Coed softball back on the ball field at Morgan Sports Center

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

After the season was cut short in February due to the coronavirus, the city of Destin's Coed Adult Softball League hit the playing field on Wednesday at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

The league has 13 teams. Here are the results from the first week of play.

Huck's Ducks 23, Tay Gray 18

At the end of four innings, the game was tied at 15-15. Tay Gray scored three in the top of the fifth and then the Ducks exploded in the bottom half for eight runs and the win.

Big hitters for the Ducks were Della Frey and Jared Lenoir, each with four singles and an RBI.

Michael Martinez led Tay Gray with a double and four singles for an RBI. Tori Chapel hit four singles for two RBIs, and Kurt Haynes connected for two doubles and a single for two RBIs. Michael Haynes was good for a home run.

Bradley Industrial Textile 22, Fender Collision 3

Bradley dominated and put the game away in five innings. 

Bradley Cummins hit a double and two singles for Textile. Ryan Grandstaff hit four singles and Ruby Davis, three singles.

Brad DeGranges led Fender with a triple.

Crackings 23, Shoreline 0

Justin Coppick was the big hitter for Crackings with three home runs. Page Elliot hit two singles.

HarborWalk Marina 20, Emerald Coast Chiropractic 5

HarborWalk dominated, taking a 14-0 lead in the first two innings. HarborWalk had the game in hand at the end of five innings.

Jason Jamison knocked in six runs for HarborWalk on a double and two singles. Chris Poole hit three singles for an RBI, and Jane Blanken singled for two RBIs.

Matt Herberman led Chiropractic with a double and a single for two RBIs. Tabitha Gaydos doubled and singled, and Don Edwards connected for two singles for an RBI.

Exurt 16, Phillip Cryar Marine 15

Andy Collins was the big stick for Exurt with a home run, double and two singles. Travis Thomas cracked out a home run and a double, and Jenn Joyner connected for two doubles and two singles.

Danielle Sherrman led Phillip Cryar with four singles. Jake Klinger slapped two doubles and a single, and Mollie Densley doubled and hit two singles.

My Payroll 12, Advanced Concrete 11

Brandon Blyden led Payroll with a double and two singles, while Beth Blyden connected for a double and a single.

Kirsten Milner hit three singles for Concrete, while Logan Gaitner tripled, doubled and singled.