Men's softball back in action at Destin

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

After a rain out on what was supposed to be their first night back on the ball field, the city of Destin's Men's Softball League finally hit the field this past Tuesday at Morgan Sports Center.

The league boast four teams with each team playing a doubleheader.

M&J Inc. 22, 3rd Planet 9

M&J jumped out to a 10-2 lead in the first two innings and pushed it to a 17-7 advantage by the end of five. In the sixth, M&J scored five more runs to finish off the game.

Anthony Owen led M&J with four singles for two RBIs. Sam Nelson connected for a double and two singles for two RBIs and Dale Sower hit three singles. Brandon Brader belted a two-run homer.

Tops for the Planet were Ricky Gal with four singles for an RBI, Aaron Milligan connected for three singles, and Joey Humphrey ripped a double and a single. 

3rd Planet 13, Regatta Bay 7

The first couple of innings were close with Planet leading 5-3 at the end of three innings. Planet finished up with one in the fourth, two in the fifth and then rallied for five in the seventh for the win.

Chandler Drake led Planet with a triple and two singles for an RBI. Ricky Gal doubled and hit two singles, while Mike Lutz connected for three singles. Kevin Schuster banged out a two-run homer.

Tom Wojcalewski was tops fro Regatta with four singles. Laramie Bolon ripped two triples and a single, while Jason Alley hit two singles.

Awards Plus 23, M&J Inc. 22

Brandon Jackson led the Awards Plus team with a home run and a single. Jordan Horner hit three  singles and Jared Lenoir doubled and hit two singles.

Sam Cummings and Coby Aguilor each doubled and hit two singles for M&J. Dale Sower hit two singles.

Awards Plus 19, Regatta Bay 5

Awards Plus stepped out to a 13-2 lead in the first two innings and managed to put the game away in five. 

Jared Lenoir led Awards with a triple and three singles. Cory Griffin doubled and singled, while Ross Taylor connected for two singles.

Tops for Regatta were Jason Allley with a double and a single; Laramie Bolon with two singles and Tom Wojcalewski with three singles.