Fenders Collision post big win in coed softball action

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

Brandon Patzig pounded out three hits to lead Fenders Collision in a 21-5 victory over Philip Cryar Marine in the city of Destin's Coed Softball League at Morgan Sports Center.

Patzig hammered out a home run, double and a single to set the pace Fenders. 

In the first two innings, Fenders jumped out to an 8-2 lead. Fender picked up one in the third, two in the fourth, three in the fifth and then finished strong with seven in the sixth.

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Other big hitters for Fenders were Deana Klosterman with three doubles and Todd Dunkin with two doubles and a single.

Mike McGrath led Philip Cryar with two singles and a double. Kacie Faulk doubled and singled, and Sam Senor hit two singles.

In other coed action: 

Crackings 14, Advanced Concrete 2

After two innings, the game was pretty much over with Crackings on top 14-0. Crackings managed to put the game away in five innings.

Ethan Randolph led Crackings with a home run and two singles. Jess Ramm connected for three singles and Justin Coppock hit two doubles.

David Bonze hit a double and a single for Concrete, while Ashlyn Newby and Gisele Boye each connected for two singles.

Brandon Blyden belted a home run and a triple for Exurt in their 20-18 win over My Payroll in Coed Softball action at Morgan Sports Center.

Exurt 20, My Payroll 18

Down 8-0 at the end of two innings, Exurt exploded for the 10-run limit in to the top of the third for a 10-8 advantage. In the fourth, Exurt kept rolling and brought in eight more runs. With time running out in the fifth inning, Exurt scored two runs. Payroll battled back with 10, but time ran out.

Matt Reich led Exurt with a triple and two doubles. Brandon Blyden cranked out a home run and a triple, and Jen Robbins a single.

Ci Well smacked a home run and two doubles for Payroll. Brittany Mainor hit  two singles, and Milly Santiago doubled and hit two singles.

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HarborWalk Marina 17, Bradley Textile 16

Textile took an early 12-8 lead. But HarborWalk started their come back in the fourth with five runs and then finished it off with four in the sixth to edge out Textile.

Justin Lund was the big stick for HarborWalk with a home run, triple, double and a single. Chris Poole ripped three doubles, while Brian Martinez doubled and hit two singles.

Corey Griffin doubled and hit two singles for Textile, and Linda Griffin connected for three singles.

Tay Gray Photography 23, Colby's Lawn Care 22

At the end of two innings, Tay Gray was on top 10-4. Tay Gray picked up two more runs in the third, but Colby's answered with seven in the bottom half for a tight game.

In the fourth, Tay Gray scored five and then held Colby's scoreless. In the fifth and final inning Tay Gray scored six and then Colby's made a run at it with 11 runs, but came up short of victory.

Taylor Fought led Tay Gray with two homers and a single for eight RBIs. Jamie Phillips hit two doubles and a single for five RBIs, and Jen Phillips doubled and hit two singles.

Matt Campbell slapped two homers, a double and a single for eight RBIs for Colby's. Danny Adkins ripped a home run and two singles for five RBIs, and Catie Moser hit three singles.

Huck's Ducks 13, Emerald Coast Chiropractic 9

At the end of three innings, Huck's led 9-4 and then held on for the win, putting up one in the fourth and three in the fifth.

Della Frey doubled and hit two singles for three RBIs for Huck's. Wes Josey connected for two  doubles and two RBIs.

Don Edwards cranked out two home runs for Emerald Coast for five RBIs. Tabitha Gaydos hit two doubles and a single for two RBIs, Todd Preston hit two singles for an RBI and Matt Herberman connected for three singles.