Home Helpers Maids post two wins on the softball field

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

Home Helpers Maids posted back-to-back victories in the city of Destin's Men's Softball League at Morgan Sports Center earlier this week.

First Home Helpers beat Awards Plus 24-8, then put 3rd Planet away 30-25.

In the first game, John Buie led Home Helpers with a grand slam, a double and a single, for a total of seven RBIs.

Awards Plus took an early 5-1 lead in the first two innings over Home Helpers. 

In the top of the third, Home Helpers exploded for 12 runs and then picked up another six in the fourth to leave Awards Plus behind.

Cory Griffith led Awards Plus with a home run, double and a single. Awards Plus lost 20-13 to M&J in men's softball action.

Other big hitters for Home Helpers were Jean Rodriguez with a home run and three singles for four RBIs, and Miguel Torres with two home runs and a single for four RBIs. 

Top batters for Awards Plus were Brandon Jackson with a homer and a single for two RBIs; Ross Taylor, home run and a single for an RBI; and Ryan Griffith, double for an RBI.

In game two, Home Helpers fell behind early again, digging out of a 7-0 hole against 3rd Planet.

In the third inning, Home Helpers rallied and put 18 runs on the board, 3rd Planet answered with two in the bottom half for an 18-9 game. Home Helpers went on to score five in the fourth, two in the fifth and five in the sixth before time ran out on the game.

Jean Rodriguez was the big hitter this time for Home Helpers with a home run, double and two singles for two RBIs. Salvador Ramon connected for a home run and two singles for five RBIs, and Luis Melendez ripped a home run and two singles for four RBIs. Alex Santana and Brandon Patzig also hit home runs.

Jake McDorman led the 3rd Planet effort with a home run, double and a single for an RBI. Mike Lutz connected for four singles and Jason Frunzi doubled and hit three singles for two RBIs. Donny Derusha and Kevin Schuster both slapped home runs.

In other softball action: 

M&J 20, Awards Plus 13

M&J took an early 17-7 lead in the first three innings and then held on for the win.

Brandon Brader led M&J with a home run, double and a single. Sam Nelson connected for a triple, double and a single, and Jacob Morgan slapped two triples and a single.

Cory Griffith was tops for Award Plus with home run knock, double and a single. Ross Taylor doubled and hit two singles, and Brandon Ates connected for three singles.

M&J 18, 3rd Planet 12

Down 6-2 at the end of two innings, M&J rallied in the bottom of the third with six runs. In the fourth, M&J picked up four more runs for a 12-6 advantage. 

Dale Sowers led M&J with four singles. Jacob Morgan hit three doubles and Brandon Brader ripped two doubles and a single.

Jake McDorman hit four singles for 3rd Planet, while Jason Frunzi hit two doubles and  a single, and Mike Lutz a double and two singles.